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The Regimental Kit Shop is located within Mewata Armoury and sells various items of kit not provided by the Department of National Defence, e.g. cap badges, belt buckles and collar dogs. Items of a more general nature such as books and rugby shirts are also available. The Kit Shop is open Wednesday evening (1930-2130 hrs) September to June and visitors are welcome.

A full list of items and prices will be added to this site in the future.

The address of the Kit Shop is:

The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Kit Shop
Mewata Armoury
801 – 11th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2C4

The email address is

Sample Inventory

These are some of the most common items kept on inventory in the Association Kit Shop; please visit the Kit Shop during working hours or send a query to the address above for more information on items in stock.

Some items or sizes may be temporarily out of stock. All sizes are approximate.



Regimental pattern Glengarry
Calgary Highlander blazer crest, metal wire, mounted on dark blue cloth

crest (not including cloth backing: 3.5″ X 4″ (8.9 X 10.2 cm)

Small sewn Calg Highr crest 3X3″ (7.6X7.6 cm)
Regimental tie, 100% polyester
Metal belt buckle for nylon or cloth belt. Silver colour

with cap badge engraved. 2 X 1.75″ (5.1 X 4.4 cm)

Silver cufflinks with Calg Highr crest 0.7″ (1.8 cm)



Calgary Highlander cap badges 3″ X 3″ (7.6 X 7.6 cm)
gold or bronze coloured finish nickel finish
Calg Highrs collar dogs, bronze finish 1″ X 1″, (2.5 X 2.5 cm)
Plaid Brooches, silver colour 3″ (7.6 cm) diameter
On left is the Cadet Officers’ brooch On right is the Calg Highr Officers’ brooch
10th Battalion collar dog, brass 1″w X 1.5″ h (2.5 X 3.8 cm)
Now worn as a sporran badge, also makes a nice lapel pin for Association members.
Oak Leaf shoulder badges with letters ‘CH’ and acorn, in plated brass.
Regimental pattern nickel plated belt buckle

(cap badge is mounted, not engraved into buckle) 3″wX2.5″ h (7.6X6.4 cm)



Golf shirt with Calg Highrs crest. Available in red or navy blue.

100% cotton Machine wash in cold water;
lay flat to dry. Chest Measurements: S(40″), M (42″), L(44″), XL(46″), 2XL (52″)

T-shirt, navy blue with Calg Highrs crest. 100% cotton,
preshrunk Chest Measurements: S(40″), M (42″), L(44″), XL(46″), 2XL(50″)
Short-sleeve T-Shirt with reflective markings.
Long-sleeve shirt with reflective markings.
Shorts with reflective markings (available to serving
members of the Regiment and Association ONLY).
Work out pants with reflective markings.
Rugby shirt by Barbarian. ‘Calgary Highlanders’ and oak leaf embroidered on left breast.

100% cotton, pre shrunk, rubber collar buttons. Recommend cold wash and

hang or lay flat to dry. Chest Measurements: S(40″), M (42″), L(44″), XL(46″)

Unit hoodie with reflective markings.
Stormtech T-shirt. Quick-dry, moisture wicking material Dark blue with

cap badge transfer in yellow on left breast 92% polyester, 8% spandex. Machine Washable

Hooded soft-shell jacket, black, shell bonded to micro fleece inner
wind and water resistant breathable fabric
four exterior zippered pockets, one large interior pocket
Calg Highrs badge embroidered (click picture at right to enlarge)
L and XL; cold water wash only
Pewter belt buckle 3.7X2.2″ (9.5X5.5 cm)
Bow Tie, Black Watch Modern tartan, wool blend


Regimental coin, individually numbered
Note: only available to serving soldiers or those who have previously served
Book, Battalion of Heroes by David Bercuson, 297 pages.
The history of the Calgary Highlanders during the Second World War
Book, Gallant Canadians by Daniel Dancocks, 251 pages.
The history of the Tenth Cdn Infantry Battalion (‘The Fighting Tenth’) during the First World War.
Miniature replica of Calg Highrs Regimental Colour.
Detail is embroidered, not transferred. 12X10″ (30.5×25.4 cm) including fringe
Miniature replica of Calg Highrs Queen’s Colour.
Detail is embroidered, not transferred. 11.5X9.5 ” (29X24 cm) including fringe
Ceramic coffee mug showing cap badges of 103rd Rifles, 10th Bn, and Calg Highrs.
4.5″ (11.4 cm) high.
Replica 103rd Calgary Rifles cap badge, black finish 1.5″w X 1.75″ h (3.8X4.4 cm)
Replica 10th Bn cap badge, copper coloured finish 1.75 X 1.75″ (4.4 X 4 .4 cm)
Replica 103rd Calgary Rifles collar dog, silver coloured finish 1″w X 1.5″ h (2.5 X 3.8cm)
CD Airaghardt/Onward, the Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders 20 Tracks, 64 minutes total playing time.

  1.  Soldiers & Music
  2.  Highland Laddie
  3.  Cutting Bracken Medley
  4.  Solo – Pte Cameron Drummond
  5.  The Gael
  6.  Callum Rife & Onaping Centennial Pipe Band
  7.  The 10th Battalion Story
  8.  Ode to Joy
  9.  Drum Salute: Welcome to Borden
  10.  Jig Set
  11.  Sloedam, Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree
  12.  1945 Mayor Davidson’s Welcome Home Speech
  13.  Blue Bonnets
  14.  Solo – Pipe Cpl Brandon Summers
  15.  Windy City Medley
  16.  Highland Cathedral
  17.  Green Hills & The Battles O’er
  18.  Haughs of Cromdale
  19.  Glenwhorple
  20.  Scotch on the Rocks & The Black Bear
Decals with Calg Highr crest on Regimental colours background On left is the small decal (2.5 X 2.5″ /6.4 X 6.4 cm) with adhesive on the front
On right is the large decal (4X4″/10.2X10.2 cm) with adhesive on the back.
Decal commemorating 100th Anniversary (2010) of the Calgary Highlanders 5.5 X 4.5″ (14 X 11.4 cm)
Dishwasher safe green plastic thermal mug with Calg Highr crest and lid 7″ (17.8 cm) high
Calg Highr front ‘licence plate’ made from heavy duty plastic 12 X 6″ (30.5 X 15.2 cm)
Glass beer mug with Calg Highrs crest 5.25″ (13.3 cm) high
Large whiskey glass with Calgary Highlanders crest
Small whiskey glass with Calgary Highlanders crest
Reproduction of Second World War recruiting poster (paper) 18.5″ high X 25″ wide (47X63.5 cm)


Knife sharpener with nylon case and belt loop Available in Black, red, gold, purple
6.5″ (16.5 cm) including case
Ball-point pen, black with rubberized grip. Black ink under pressure to ensure ‘write-anywhere’ performance.

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