Oak Leafs Hockey Club

Team History

The Oak Leafs have been in operation since 1995-96 playing against teams from other units within the Calgary Garrison. At first the squad was a mixture of soldiers from the King’s Own Calgary Regiment and The Calgary Highlanders. The KOCR eventually formed their own team. During the 1996-97 season, the club played in the now defunct CFB Calgary League, becoming the first reserve unit to join what was then a collection of teams representing the Regular Force of the Calgary Garrison. When the base closed down and the lodger units moved to Edmonton, the club joined the Militia Hockey League for the 1997-98 Season, as other local reserve units formed their own teams. The Garrison Hockey League now plays at Centennial Arena, and operates with the assistance of the Canadian Forces’ Personnel Support Program and the units of the Calgary garrison.

Back row: Wayne Fehr (civ), Kyle Dorcas, Norm Lalonde, Jeff Johnson, Simon Savage, unknown, Jamie Moreau, Matt Chinn, Denny Russell, Chuck Spooner.
Front row: unknown, James Thompson (civ), unknown, Lee Villiger, Glenn Fedoruk.
Photo courtesy Corporal Jamie Moreau

Team Name, Logo and Uniforms

The team was named the Oak Leafs in homage to the brass oak-leaf shoulder badge that was granted as an Honorary Distinction to The Calgary Highlanders by Order-in-Council shortly before the Second World War. The badge continues to be worn by the Highlanders on its dress uniform in commemoration of the attack by the 10th Battalion, C.E.F., whom the regiment perpetuates, on Kitcheners’ Wood on the 22nd of April 1915. A yellow oak leaf of the same design is worn on the hockey sweater, with the acorn and CH emblazoned in red.
In 1925, The Calgary Highlanders formed a regimental alliance with The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s) of the British Army, including the adoption of dress distinctions of the allied regiment.

The colours of the 1st Battalion of the Argylls are displayed on the neckties of The Calgary Highlanders’ officers and senior non-commissioned members, broad stripes of green and blue separated by red and yellow stripes.

These colours also informed the design of the hockey uniform and insignia of the Oak Leafs.

The first sweaters worn by the Oak Leafs hockey club was a white jersey with blue and green stripes.

A “home” jersey in dark colours was added as an alternate jersey. Both of the hockey sweater styles at right have been retired in favour of a new design.

The home sweaters are today rendered in blue (numerals are in white and green), and away sweaters in white (numerals are in blue and green). The sweaters, approved by the Regimental Senate, were purchased in the main by funds raised by the team, with support from the Regimental Association. A “C-over-10” patch, the collar insignia of the 10th Battalion, was added to the upper right front of the sweater to symbolize all past and current serving members of the regiment.

By tradition, the Captain of the team wears sweater number 93, in tribute to the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, who in 1881 amalgamated with the 91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot to become The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The 93rd were made famous at the Battle of Balaklava in 1854, receiving a charge of Russian cavalry while formed in line rather than the usual square formation, and immortalized in popular culture as “The Thin Red Line.” The event is still memorialized by the rows of red dicing on the regiment’s uniquely coloured glengarry headdress. The team captain is selected each year from among his peers in the dressing room by a vote.


The Club President is responsible for managing the club, communication with players, and interacting with the League on administration and disciplinary issues. The Treasurer collects fees, keeps the team’s league account up to date, purchases equipment, and is accountable for all team funds. The Equipment Manager tracks sweaters, sticks, pucks, water bottles, and all other accountable items on the team’s inventory.


The Garrison Hockey League plays all games out the Flames Community Arenas on 2390 – 47Ave SW. Current or upcoming schedules can be found by clicking the link in the header of this page.

Information on this page courtesy the Oak Leafs Hockey Club, via MWO Chris Tucker (team captain) and Sergeant Jamie Moreau

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