Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation

The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation was founded in 1982 under the Companies Act Articles of Association and is a Registered Canadian Charity with Business Number: 118823590RR0001. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of former serving officers and prominent civilian members who are supportive of the Regimental Family. The Foundation has no staff and relies on the volunteers from within the Regimental Family to organize and run fundraising events which benefit the Foundation and ultimately the Regimental Organizations from soldier and veteran assistance to the Pipes and Drums and the Museum.
The major fundraising event organized each year is the Grand Highland Military Ball held in the spring of each year. This event brings awareness to the needs of the Regiment to the Calgary Community who support the event by their attendance and generous donations to the Foundation. A link to information regarding the upcoming event is provided below.

The Foundation’s Purpose


To create, maintain and build support for Calgary’s Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve Infantry Regiment, the Calgary Highlanders, and ensure the Regiment is appropriately recognized, valued, honoured, and celebrated for its contributions to Calgary and Canada, at home and abroad.


To secure financial and other resources to support the Regiment and the broader Regimental Family.

Goals and Objective

To raise funds to support:
– Soldiers and their families in need
– Veterans
– Regimental Association
– Family Association events and activities
– Cadet Corps
– Pipes and Drums
– Research and Education
– Museum, Heritage, Celebrations and Regalia
– Community Outreach and Engagement
– Infrastructure (administration)

To build, steward and make distributions from the endowment fund

To promote and preserve the history, heritage and traditions of the Regiment

To connect with the citizens of Calgary and enhance the stature of the Regiment within the Calgary community

To elevate the Regimental brand to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally

On an annual basis, to maintain a balanced income and expenditure account

To present a balanced budget for the forthcoming year

The Foundation may be contacted via regular mail by writing to:

The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation
801 11TH ST SW

Or via email at

Board of Directors for 2024

1 President of the CHRFF and Director /Chair HCol Brian Parker
2 Director /Co-Chair HLCol Milan Cacic
3 Secretary** Mr. Tony Rendulich
4 Treasurer** Mr. Jake Durante
5 Director Col Sam Blakely (Ret’d)
6 Director (Commanding Officer) LCol Andrew Beauchamp
7 Deputy Commanding Officer**
8 Director Mr. Bill Ketcheson
9 Director Mr. Kevin Hall
10 Director Mr. Scott Hunt
11 Director Mrs. Christine McIver
12  Director Captain Douglas Carsted (Ret’d)
13 Director HCol Michael Shaw (Ret’d)
14 Director Ms. Mini Sehgal
15 Director LCol Simon Cox (Ret’d)
16 Regimental Secretary* Maj Kent Griffiths (Ret’d)
* The Regimental Secretary is a non-voting advisory position to the Board
** Non-voting

Tax receptible donations may be made to the Foundation in one of two ways.

The first is by a cheque made out to the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation may be either mailed or delivered to the Foundation.  If a tax receipt is requested for the current year and the donation is not sent by mail please allow a minimum of 10 business days before year end to ensure it can be deposited in time.  If the donation is sent by mail, the Canada Revenue Agency considers the date of donation to be the date of the postmark on the envelope.

Tax receipts will be issued by the Foundation  by February 28 of the calendar year that follows the year of the donation.

The second method of making a donation to the Foundation is online through the website through the link below. Canada Helps will issue you a tax receipt for the entire amount by email and the funds will be deposited automatically into the Foundation’s bank account.  In this case the Foundation will not be issuing a tax receipt but will receive a record of the donor’s information and amount unless the donor wishes to be anonymous in which case the Foundation will only receive information on the amount of the donation. Donations can be made to specific funds listed on our Canada Helps webpage.

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