Detailed History

The Calgary Highlanders have been an institution in the City of Calgary since inception in 1910. Starting with the creation of the 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) in 1910 as an infantry unit of the Non-Permanent Active Militia, and was reorganized in the early 1920s into the Calgary Regiment, the 1st Battalion of which became The Calgary Highlanders.

The information contained on these webpages is organized in chronological order as the regiment evolved from its inception to what it is today.

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  • 1 April 1910: 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) authorized

    • September 1914: 10th Battalion, C.E.F. created

    • 15 September 1920: 10th Battalion, C.E.F. officially disbanded

  • 15 March 1920: Redesignated The Calgary Regiment

  • 15 September 1921: 1st Battalion becomes 1st Battalion, The Calgary Highlanders, The Calgary Regiment

  • 15 May 1924: reorganized as The Calgary Highlanders

    • 1 September 1939: The Calgary Highlanders, C.A.S.F. mobilized

    • 1940 redesignated 1st Battalion, The Calgary Highlanders

    • 1940 Militia unit redesignated 2nd Battalion, The Calgary Highlanders

    • 15 December 1945: 1st Battalion, The Calgary Highlanders disbanded

    • 2nd Battalion redesignated The Calgary Highlanders