About the Regiment

Mission Elements

The Calgary Highlanders currently fields two Mission Elements.

“A” Company is a dismounted light infantry company that undergoes challenging training between September and June each year. The first part of each year “A” Company focuses its training on annual qualifications such as marksmanship, fitness, first aid, and Chemical, Radiological, Biological, and Nuclear Defence. The fall months also provide “A” Company the opportunity to conduct ranges to qualify soldiers on all weapons carried in an infantry platoon. Through the winter and spring “A” Company shifts its training focus on infantry tactics by conducting challenging exercises. In past years these exercises have focused on offensive and defensive operations. In past years “A” Company has conducted a wide variety of dismounted light infantry operations such as tactical helicopter operations, amphibious operations, mountain warfare training, winter warfare training and patrolling.

“B” Company is the home to our medium mortar platoon as well as soldiers in the initial phases of the army career. The infantry qualified soldiers in “B” company are expected to maintain a high level of proficiency in annual qualifications such as marksmanship, fitness, first aid, and Chemical, Radiological, Biological, and Nuclear Defence. These soldiers also train to operate 81mm mortars which are intended to provide indirect fire support. “B” Company is also the first home for all newly enrolled members of The Calgary Highlanders. These soldiers attend the Basic Military Qualification course conducted annually by “B” Company.

“Headquarters” Company is the public face of The Calgary Highlanders.  Within “Headquarters Company” you will find the attractions cell changed with promoting The Calgary Highlanders to potential new recruits.  The Regimental Pipes & Drums of The Calgary Highlanders are also housed within “Headquarters” Company.  The Pipes & Drums are composed of military and volunteer musicians who complete a number of performances every year.  In the past the Pipes & Drums have performed locally and have even traveled as far as Europe.

Contact Info

Location: Mewata Armoury, located on the western edge of downtown at the intersection of  8th Avenue SW and 11th Street SW in Calgary, Alberta.

Mailing Address: The Calgary Highlanders, 801 – 11th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 2C4.

Telephone Number: The switchboard for all Reserve military units in Calgary is (403) 410-2320.

For issues regarding the website please contact the webmaster@calgaryhighlanders.com

Quick facts

  • Birthday : 1 April (1910)
  • Motto: “Airghardt” Gaelic for “Onward”, the motto of the City of Calgary (Pronounced” Airg-hŭŭt)
  • Abbreviation/Regimental Short Title: The official abbreviation as used in military correspondence, and worn on the shoulder title, is CALG HIGHRS.
  • Perpetuates: The Regiment perpetuates the 10th Battalion, C.E.F. and was reorganized from the 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles).
  • Facing colour : Yellow
  • Tartan: Government Tartan Number 1A, also known as “Argyll and Sutherland Tartan”.
  • Regimental March (Quick Time): Highland Laddie and Blue Bonnets Over the Border.
  • Regimental March (Slow Time): None officially authorized, but The Sloedam is used for this purpose.
  • Regimental Kit Shop: Current contact information and price list is available here.
  • Recruiting Information: Current recruiting information is available here.

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Regimental Structure

The regiment is organized on the lines of an Infantry Battalion, with Headquarters Company supporting the training of the mission elements. The Regiment also has a wide array of volunteer support, from the Regimental Pipes and Drums to the Family Association (formerly Ladies Auxiliary).

Higher Formation

The Calgary Highlanders are just one unit of 41 Canadian Brigade Group, headquartered in Alberta and including all Reserve Army units throughout the province. The Brigade belongs to the 3rd Canadian Division, which is the formation commanding brigades throughout Western Canada.

Annual Commemorations

The Regiment commemorates St Julien’s Day on the weekend closest to 22 April, commemorating the counter-attack by the 10th and 16th Battalions, CEF, on Kitcheners’ Wood on “The Glorious 22nd of April, 1915”. The occasion is marked by the annual reunion dinner of The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Association. The Regiment also exercises its right to the Freedom of the City of Calgary on this weekend by marching to church parade and a wreath laying at City Hall.

The Regiment also commemorates the Battle of Walcheren Causeway, one of many hard earned Battle Honours awarded to the Regiment for its service during the Second World War. The commemoration of this battle, on the weekend closest to 31 October, has traditionally included the participation of the Dutch community of Calgary.

The Regiment also participates in Remembrance Day services in communities throughout southern Alberta, from where the majority of their recruits were drawn during the Second World War.

Annual Events

Annual public events supported by the Regiment include the Calgary Stampede in July and the Grand Highland Ball each spring. The Regimental Pipes and Drums have an extensive calendar of public appearances and may be contacted via the weblink on the main menu of this site.