Association members and friends of the Calgary Highlanders,

On Saturday 26 April the Calgary Highlanders will commemorate the 99th anniversary of the Tenth Battalion's night attack on the woods near Saint-Julien, Belgium, on 22 April 1915 during the Second Battle of Ypres.   Saint-Julien was the most costly of the 10th's actions and although it is only one of twenty Battle Honours won by the Battalion, it is commemorated to this day as representing all of the actions and sacrifices of the Battalion during the First World War.

The activities planned for Saturday the 26th include a Church Parade at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, wreath laying at the Old City Hall, the Association's  Annual General Meeting (AGM), and a reunion dinner.


Calgary Highlanders depart Mewata

1115 hrs


Church Parade

1200-1245 hrs

Cathedral Church of the Redeemer

Calg Highrs & Old Guard move to Old City Hall



Calg Highrs return to Mewata

1430 hrs

Timing approximate

Association AGM & Awards

1500-1645 hrs

Mewata Jr Ranks Club


1700 hrs

Mewata Sergeants' Mess



The Unit, with Colours and the Pipes and Drums, will march from Mewata Armoury to the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 1st Street SE in downtown Calgary, just across from Olympic Plaza and a few steps away from the Centre Street LRT station.  Association members who wish to join the Unit for the Church Parade should assemble at the Church by 1145 hours.

At the conclusion of the church service the 'Old Guard' (former members of the Calgary Highlanders) - under the supervision of MWO (Ret'd) Gord Fish - will fall in with the Unit and march the two city blocks to Calgary's Old City Hall, located on McLeod Trail SE between 7th and 8th Avenues and across from Olympic Plaza.  Here there will be the traditional ceremony to mark the battle of Saint-Julien including the laying of wreaths by the Unit and Association.

Association members and friends of the Calgary Highlanders unable to participate in the parade from the Church are invited to join us at the Old City Hall for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Association members will fall out and make their own way back to Mewata (the free LRT service on 7th Ave is a very easy way to do so) while the Unit marches back.

Dress for Association members is dark blue blazer with Calg Highr crest, white shirt with regimental tie, grey pants and black shoes.  Those who formerly served may also wear the Glengarry with cap badge.

Of course, many of you won't have some or perhaps any of the kit described above.  If this is the case, we'd still like to have you attend - your presence is of much greater importance than having all the official clothing.



During the AGM the Association Board of Directors will summarize what's been accomplished since the April 2013 AGM and present the 2013 Financial Report.  We'll also elect several members to the Board to fill vacancies.

Pipes & Drums Representative - Brian Woodward's current term as the P & D representative on the Association's Board comes to a close this April.  Brian has indicated that he will stand for election for another two-year term.

Treasurer - the two-year term of our current Treasurer - Gord Cousins - ends this April.  Gord has indicated that he will stand for re-election, if there are no other candidates.

Secretary - this position is currently vacant.  The major duties of the Secretary are to attend Board meetings (3-4 per year), prepare meeting minutes, collect the Association mail and maintain an updated list of Association members and their contact information.

Member without Portfolio - a vacancy will exist for one such Board member.  This position has no fixed duties other than to attend Board meetings and perform duties as may from time to time become necessary, e.g. membership on the Kit Shop or Audit Committees.  The current incumbent, Darrell Knight, has indicated that he is willing to stand for another term.

If you are interested in serving in any of these positions or would like additional information, send a note by email or contact me at 403-208-8079. 


After the AGM, we will remain in the Junior Ranks Club and the various Association-sponsored trophies will be awarded to serving soldiers. In addition the Regiment will invest several new members into the Clan of the Gallant Canadians.


This year we will again hold the annual reunion dinner as part of the Saint-Julien activities.  A roast beef and roasted BBQ chicken dinner will be held in the Sergeants Mess.  This dinner is free-of-charge for our Second World War veterans; for the rest of us it a very reasonable $15.00 thanks to a generous donation from HCol (Ret'd) Fred Mannix.

Please let us know if you plan to attend the dinner by 19 April by either post or email so that we can make final arrangements with the caterer and sort out seating.  Payment may be made by cash or cheque or by credit/debit card at Mewata on the 26th.

On behalf of the Board, let me say that we very much hope to see you at this year's  Saint-Julien commemoration .


Denis Mascardelli