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Breaking News - 19 December 2004

Amalgamated - The Royal Regiment of Scotland

The British Ministry of Defence has announced that the 26 infantry of the line regiments still in existence in the British Army will now become just 12 under a sweeping round of changes. The Allied Regiment, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) had resisted amalgamation and even disbandment since the Cardwell Reforms of 1881.

It is now announced that the Scottish Regiments (including The Royal Highland Fusiliers, The Black Watch, The Highlanders, and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, as well as a fifth regiment in which the Royal Scots and the King's Own Scottish Borderers will be merged) will become one single cap badge five-battalion regiment, provisionally named the Royal Regiment of Scotland.  It is reported that each battalion will keep their unit name in front of the battalion title.

Overseas - December 2004


ribbonnatonon5.gif (1087 bytes) Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for Operations in the Balkans

For service with Operation Bronze/Operation Boreas, two Calgary Highlanders officers were presented this medal in December 2004.  Operation Bronze/Boreas employs approximately 85 Canadian soldiers, maintaining support to EUFOR and the transition from SFOR after the end of their mandate. The Operation includes a Liaison and Observation Team and various positions at Multi-National Task Force North-West Headquarters in Banja Luka and SFOR HQ in Sarajevo.

Congratulations to Captain Fiona McLean, CD, ADC and Captain Louis Marselje, CD.

CO's Parade - 8 Dec 2004


ribbonqgjm.gif (1154 bytes) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal
On behalf of the Government of Canada, Warrant Officer Kennedy, Regimental Support Staff from Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, was awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal.  Warrant Officer Kennedy is currently the Operations and Training NCO for the Regiment and plays an instrumental role in co-ordinating the support of various agencies so that the unit can train, both collectively and as individuals on taskings and courses.

At right; Warrant Officer Kennedy receives his award from Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger, Commanding Officer, and Chief Warrant Officer Flint Walters, Regimental Sergeant Major.

2004jub.jpg (35695 bytes)


Congratulations to the following troops for their promotion into the ranks of the Non-Commissioned Officers.

promhutchinson.jpg (17392 bytes)
Corporal James Hutchison

prommartin.jpg (24920 bytes)
Corporal Cody Martin

prommacpherson.jpg (18357 bytes)
Corporal Stephen MacPherson

prommacleod.jpg (18039 bytes)
Corporal Jonathon MacLeod

promtrochim.jpg (20441 bytes)
Corporal Bryan Trochim

promwilkinson.jpg (19136 bytes)
Corporal Grey Wilkinson

Cleared Out

badgelog.gif (3105 bytes) Sergeant Keith Scott, former Chief Clerk of the Regiment and lately of Regimental Headquarters, was recognized on parade by the Commanding Officer for his 29 years of service to the Canadian Forces.  Sergeant Scott will be presented with his retirement scroll on an upcoming parade.


Reporting In

Inspired by Captain MacLean's report from SFOR, Captain "Lou" Marselje provides the following very welcome report from his own overseas employment in the former Yugoslavia (November 2004).

Stabilization Force/European Union Force Multinational Task Force Northwest Headquarters - Captain Louis Marselje

I am employed with the SFOR-EUFOR Multinational Task Force NW HQ (MNTF NW HQ) in Banja Luka as the Operations Officer of the Joint Military Affairs (JMA) branch and Officer Commanding one of its "twigs," namely the Inspection and Verification Unit (IVU). This branch is the leading edge of Task Force operations other than Harvest operations and Mosaics (mini harvests). These operations are used to collect and find illegal weapons.

marselje.jpg (52354 bytes)

The branch consists of a Chief JMA, I am directly below him as the JMA OPS, with the operations cell. Speading out from there on the organization chart is a planning cell, a mine cell, an entity liaison cell and the IVU. The branch is supported by Bosnian mine cell employees, Language Assistants and drivers, almost 50 people in all. Entities means Bosnian (VF), Bosnian Croat (VH) and Bosnian Serb (VRS) army units. Needless to say that our staffs are daily on the road visiting entity army bases, weapons and ammo sites, exercises, suspected places and illegal sites, etc., and they often stay overnight. From time to time, I accompany them. We experience much traveling over a large area and have many adventures to talk about. I had the pleasure to visit Canadian camps Maple Leaf and Black Bear before decommissioning. I have also traveled to places beyond our AOR and this did broaden my situational awareness.

We also take as many SFOR soldiers with us as we can on day trips. Capt McLean was one of those. I aranged a T55 tank ride for her at the Manjaca Ranges. I told her that I had flowers in mind, but could only find a tank instead. "Tanks are good!" she said. It was her first ride in one of those beasties. My teams and I do get rides from time to time as VF/VRS soldiers are proud to show them off (and other vehicles) and even are willing to have us try to drive them.

My days are 12-14 hours and I love everyone of them. In the morning, I tend to tease people on the way to the Commander's daily Operations Brief, by telling everyone that it is another happy day in Paradise. No one takes this happily and tends to throw things at me, the poor sports they are!


Operation Bronze - Captain Fiona McLean

Captain Fiona McLean sends her greetings to the Regiment from Doboj, Bosnia, where she is currently (as of November 2004) serving as part of Operation Bronze.

The mandate of Operation BRONZE is to maintain support to SFOR (the NATO Stabilization Force) during the transition of the Bosnia-Herzegovina mission from NATO to the European Union, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2004. Operation BRONZE includes a Liaison and Observation Team and various positions at Multi-National Task Force North-West Headquarters in Banja Luka and SFOR HQ in Sarajevo.

The mission currently employs approximately 85 Canadian soldiers.

2004opbronze.jpg (95633 bytes)

Last Post

Brigadier General Gordon H. Sellar, CD, BSc, MFH

Born in Calgary in 1923 to a prominent Scottish lawyer father and an English teaching mother he was the foundation student at Strathcona School for Boys (now Strathcona Tweedsmuir).  A lifetime athlete, he was Junior Alberta badminton champion, a Western Canadian Junior tennis star and the leading Jr. Boy Rider, later playing both football and hockey at the Royal Military College.   He graduated at 18 as a Lieutenant and returned to his home in Alberta and joined The Calgary Highlanders.  He became engaged to Gloria, his boyhood love, and married shortly before going overseas.  He arrived in Northwest Europe after D-Day, and became Scout Officer, fighting across France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany.   The Scout and Sniper Platoon was always in the forefront of the battalion's advances and his name is mentioned several times in the Regimental War Diary.

After the war, Sellar became an officer in the Permanent Force (today called the Regular Force) and enjoyed a brilliant career in Canada and abroad.  He served in Korea, commanded the First Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada when it was a Regular Force unit, and commanded five seperate Canadian Forces Bases in West Germany, overseeing the move of these bases to Lahr and Baden in the south of the country.

From his days as a Junior Boy Rider, horses were always a part of Brigadier Sellar's life, who became an accomplished rider and polo player, and played competitively at a national level for Canadian, English and West African teams.  He avidly attended horse shows in Canada and the US, organized and rode the Canada Trail, founded the National Hunter Trials and was Canadian representative for the M.F.H. Association.  He was also the Senior Master of the Frontenac Hunt for 25 years.  He leaves behind wife Gloria and three children.  His published obituary states "Gordon was a sweet man.  He cared fiercely for his soldiers and their welfare, loved his family dearly and was proud to serve his country."

Brigadier General Gordon Sellar was scheduled to speak at Mess Dinner in honour of the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Walcheren Causeway, scheduled for 30 October 2004.  The Regiment is deeply saddened at the loss and pass on their condolences to family and friends.

Last Post

Lieutenant Edward Patrick Ford

Ed Ford arrived served with the Calgary Highlanders as a platoon commander in Normandy, and though briefly evacuated in August with battle exhaustion, remained with a rifle company until 19 September 1944,  when he took over the duties of Intelligence Officer of the battalion.  He held the position until 2 November 1944, when Captain Keller, MM took over the position.Lieutenant Ford's duties as IO included keeping the battalion's War Diary.  While the diary has not been published in a formal sense, Lieutenant Ford's entries were very notable for the level of detail that went into them and make for fascinating reading as well as being an invaluable documentation of the battalion's history.  After his period as Intelligence Officer, he went on to command 14 Platoon in action.

Ed Ford was a member of the Clan of the Gallant Canadians and passed away at the age of 90 on 28 August 2004 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, leaving behind his wife of 62 years, Pat, and daughter Patricia Ann.

Daughter Patrica writes:

authorford.jpg (10405 bytes)

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of my Dad's passing on Aug 28, 2004.  He was so proud of his Affiliation with The Regiment all through his life - to the point I grew up thinking all soldiers were Highlanders.  In a letter to be opened after his death, he expresssed his appreciation to the Regiment which I have enclosed.  He looked forward to the newsletters publication and contact with his loyal regimental family.

On behalf of my mother, I remain, sincerely,

Patricia Ford.

The letter has been given to the Regimental Secretary for future publication.  The condolences of the Regiment go to the friends and family of this proud Highlander.

13 October 2004


Warrant Officer Paul Reaper

Change of RSM Parade - 22 September 2004
Calgary Highlanders Photos (2Lt Mills)

2004hats.jpg (126258 bytes)


Regimental Sergeant Major Kent Griffiths, CD, passed the pace stick on to Acting Regimental Sergeant Major Flint Walters, CD who was confirmed in his appointment at a battalion parade at Mewata Armouries.  Honourary Colonel Bob Gibson acted as Reviewing Officer for the parade.


rankcwo.gif (2976 bytes) Concurrent with being confirmed as the Regimental Sergeant Major of The Calgary Highlanders, Flint Walters was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.
This is the highest non-commissioned rank possible in the Canadian Forces.

At right; CWO Walters, LCol Villiger, CWO Griffiths.

2004changersm.jpg (137916 bytes)

RSM Griffiths has moved on to 41 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters, assuming the duties of Brigade RSM (a move that was actually made several months ago).  Both CWO Griffiths and CWO Walters are long-serving members of The Calgary Highlanders, as well as United Nations Peacekeeping Veterans.  Both men have been regarded as solidly professional, with the best interests of the men under them and the Regiment always at heart, as well as preserving and promoting the core traditions which we as a Highland Regiment thrive on.



toshachmini.gif (1353 bytes) Clan of the Gallant Canadians

Chief Warrant Officer Kent Griffiths was elevated to the rank of Toshach in the Clan of the Gallant Canadians in recognition of his service to the Regiment and his continued service to the Canadian Forces in his role as Brigade RSM of 41 Brigade.

2004toshach.jpg (164067 bytes)

Certificates of Appreciation

The ongoing dedication of the Ladies Auxiliary was marked by the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to Mrs. Helen McCumber, Mrs. Shelley Russell and Mrs. Deirdre Spaan.

2004ladies.jpg (42911 bytes)
From left to right; LCol Villiger, Mrs. Spaan, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. McCumber, HCol Gibson


Sergeant(retired) Jim Rankin was presented with certificates from The Honourable Ralph Klein, Premier of the Province of Alberta as well as the Department of National Defence, commemorating his retirement from the Regiment and the Canadian Forces earlier this year.  Sergeant Rankin was properly attired for the evening's parade as a member of the Old Guard, in Regimental headdress, blazer and tie.

2004rankin.jpg (114439 bytes)


Outgoing RSM Griffiths made two presentations of plaques for the Warrant Officers & Sergeants Mess and the Junior Ranks Club in addition to a presentation to the Officers' Mess. 

2004rsm1.jpg (21300 bytes) 2004rsm2.jpg (15090 bytes) 2004rsm3.jpg (15986 bytes)
Officers' Mess - Major Dorcas WOs' & Sgts' Mess - WO Fedoruk Junior Ranks Club - Cpl Moreau







CWO KJ Griffiths, CD
Regimental Sergeant Major, 2004

2004plaque.jpg (53972 bytes)

Mugged In

Honorary Colonel Gibson was Mugged In to the Officers Mess after the Change of RSM Parade.

2004gibson.jpg (169474 bytes)
Major Kyle Dorcas (Regimental Major), Colonel Bob Gibson (Honorary Colonel),
Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger (Commanding Officer)

Mugged In

Captain Chris Scott, Lieutenant Palmer, Second Lieutenant Heller and Second Lieutenant Adam Lowther were "mugged in" to the Officers Mess at a dinner on 11 September 2004.

2004mug4.jpg (26835 bytes)

Above:   Left to right: Lt Palmer, 2Lt Lowther, 2Lt Heller, Honourary Colonel "Bob" Gibson, Captain Scott (Officer Commanding "B" Company)

Below: Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger and Officer Commanding Headquarters Company, Captain Russ Meades, on the occasion of the Mugging In of the below named officers.

2004mug1.jpg (32238 bytes)
Lieutenant Palmer

2004mug2.jpg (29834 bytes)
Second Lieutenant Heller

2004mug3.jpg (31774 bytes)
Second Lieutenant Lowther
Calgary Highlanders Photos (2Lt Mills)

CO's Parade - 8 September 2004
Calgary Highlanders Photos (2Lt Mills)


Canadian Forces Decoration

ribboncd1.gif (1433 bytes) Clasp to the CD -
Warrant Officer Gerald Downey, CD

WO Downey was recognized for twenty-two years service to the Crown by the presentation of the Bar to his Canadian Forces Decoration. 

2004sep4.jpg (18921 bytes)
ribboncd.gif (1097 bytes) Corporal Matt Chinn, CD

Corporal Chinn was recognized for twelve years service to the Crown by the presentation of the Canadian Forces Decoration.

2004sep3.jpg (17201 bytes)


Commanding Officer's Commendation

Sergeant Chris Tucker
Sergeant Paul Reaper

2004sep2.jpg (25745 bytes) 2004sep1.jpg (26845 bytes)
Sergeant Chris Tucker (left) and Sergeant Paul Reaper (right) were both awarded the CO's Commendation for placing first and second, respectively, on this summer's DP3B course by Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger.

Spotted - Summer 2004

At an Armoury "out East"

Can ours be far away?   Photo courtesy of Jim Carswell.

chevy1.jpg (50675 bytes)


Far From Home

Jeffery Williams is a distinguished author of Canadian military history, having penned the story of the First Canadian Army's fighting from the end of the Normandy campaign to V-E Day in his book THE LONG LEFT FLANK.  He has also published books on Julian Byng, commander of the Canadian Corps in World War One and later Governor General of Canada.

He has just recently released his autobiography, with many photos and anecdotes of his service with the Regiment.

williams2.jpg (9833 bytes)
Williams was a prewar Calgary Highlander, who had served in the Militia beginning in 1937, enlisted upon mobilization and was among the initial draft of Calgary Highlanders to sail on the S.S. Pasteur for England in 1940.  He trained with the battalion in the UK and eventually transferred to staff duties.

The book can be found online at

Far From Home: A Memoir of a 20th Century Soldier by Jeffery Williams.  (University of Calgary Press, 2003)  374 pages, many illustrations.  ISBN: 1-55238-119-6

farfromhome.jpg (12463 bytes)


National Commemmoration of the 60th Anniversary of "D-Day"

The Calgary Highlanders Heritage Section represented the Regiment at the national oberservance of the 60th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy as well as the annual "Stand On Guard" living history event in Ottawa.  Stand on Guard is an assembly of re-enactors and vehicle collectors who portray the life of the Canadian soldier from the 1500s to the present day.  The playing field at Notre Dame Junior High School in Ottawa is converted to a period encampment with battle recreations and static displays.  Over 1500 students in the Ottawa area went through the displays on Friday June 4, and the event was opened to the public that evening and for the day on Saturday June 5.

On Sunday June 6, the national commemoration was observed at the National War Monument next to the Parliament buildings.   The re-enactors and vehicles from Stand On Guard lent support to this event.

Two Calgary Highlanders re-enactors took part in this weekend, helping to ensure the actions of both the Regiment, and of western Canadians in general, in the Second World War was not forgotten.

dday2004a.jpg (22881 bytes)

2004dday.jpg (78140 bytes)

(Above) Chief Warrant Officer Gary Crocker, MMM, CD, at left, extends dinner invitations to the Calgary Highlanders Heritage section - at centre, Corporal Michael Dorosh, CD (currently company clerk of "A" Company), and Lieutenant Kevin Winfield, CD (currently commanding the Military Police detachment in Wainwright, Alberta).  CWO Crocker's duties in the CF are as Life Cycle Material Manager - Small Arms and Director Soldier Systems Program Management.   In short, he advises the entire Canadian Army on all small arms, from the pistol to the .50 calibre machine gun and everything in between - including the new generation of weapons such as the C7A2.  His expertise on weaponry was of great help to the re-enactors who brought blank firing weapons such as the MG42 and Bren Gun to the various displays at Stand on Guard.

(Above Right) Photo taken at the National War Monument during the service.  Photo by Warrant Officer Ed Storey, CD (Canadian Military Engineers).  After the service, a civilian gentleman and his wife from Ottawa came up, obviously recognizing the regiment's insignia, and recounted how a relative of his had served with the battalion, and explained to his wife some of the fighting the regiment saw at Hill 67, Walcheren Causeway, and the Rhineland.  It was rewarding for the two Heritage Section members to be able to tell the man that the Regiment is still going strong, and remembering the actions of the men who did the Regiment proud from 1939-1945.

Last Post

Private Alonzo J. Sampson

Alonzo J. Sampson served in the Canadian Army from October 1942 to December 1945, and joined the Calgary Highlanders as an infantry reinforcement.  He was one of a handful of Calgary Highlanders recognized with a Mention in Despatches, which was gazetted in April 1946.

Alonzo J. Sampson passed away on 31 May 2004 at the age of 80 years.

More information is available on Private Sampson's service by clicking on this link.

The webmaster is grateful to Alonzo's son Brian Sampson for sharing the sad news, and extends the condolences of the Regiment to his family.

sampson1.jpg (6052 bytes)

Wednesday, June 2, 2004 (From The Halifax Herald)

SAMPSON, Alonzo J. (M.I.D.)
SAMPSON, Alonzo J. (M.I.D.) - 80, Lower L'Ardoise, passed away peacefully on May 31, 2004. Born in L'Ardoise on April 2, 1924, he was a son of the late James and Eliza (Peters) Sampson. Alzono was a retired stevedore from the International Longshoremen's Association in Halifax where he was employed for many years. He was also a seasonal lobster fishermen. A proud veteran of the Second World War (1942-45), Alonzo enlisted a year younger than was possible, driven by his desire to serve his country by not revealing his actual age. He served with both the Calgary Highlanders and the Black Watch. Alonzo was very humble about receiving the Oak Leaf, being mentioned in dispatches by the King of England for distinguished and gallant service while serving in North Western Europe, including Holland, Germany, France, England and Belgium. Alonzo was a member of Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 110, L'Ardoise. He is survived by his loving and most devoted wife, Alice (Sampson); daughter, Linda Poxon, Burlington, Ont.; Josilyn Levia (Jim), Montreal; Brian (Andree), Lower L'Ardoise; Barry (Annette), Port Hawkesbury; Avery (Linda), Halifax; grandchildren who he loved very much and was so very proud of, Brian (Caroline) Poxon, Victoria Adelin, Kaitlynn and Jamison Sampson. He is also survived by sisters, Edna Sampson, Lower L'Ardoise; Hilda Mac Martell, St. Peters. He was predeceased by twin sons in infancy and brothers, Ephrium and Wallace. In celebrating life he enjoyed the musical talents of his three boys, as well as the company of his family and friends at gatherings. He was an avid deer and duck hunter with many stories to share. Visitation will be held from 2-9 p.m. on Friday, June 4, and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 5. The funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday in Holy Guardian Angels Church, L'Ardoise, with burial to follow in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, L'Ardoise.

Change of Command Parade - Land Forces Western Area - 30 May 2004

On 30 May 2004, Land Forces Western Area conducted a very public Change of Command ceremony at Edmonton City Hall.  The Regimental Pipes and Drums were delighted to accompany the Royal Canadian Artillery Band in two musical selections, as well as providing a short medley of 6/8 Marches as part of the entertainment during the event.

30may2004.jpg (66892 bytes)
Honourary Colonel Bob Gibson can be seen at far left enjoying the music provided by the Regimental Pipes and Drums.  Photos below are thumbnailed, click to enlarge.
Photos by Lieutenant Kevin S. Winfield, CD

lfwa2004.jpg (71346 bytes) lfwa2004troops.jpg (101425 bytes)
lfwa2004pmdm.jpg (75258 bytes) lfwacityhall.jpg (166297 bytes)

lwfaband.jpg (67481 bytes)

CO's Parade - 26 May 2004

Several awards and presentations were made at a CO's Parade on this Wednesday evening.


Canadian Forces Decoration

ribboncd.gif (1097 bytes) Corporal Laramee, CD

Corporal Laramee was recognized for twelve years service to the Crown by the presentation of the Canadian Forces Decoration.

2004laramee.jpg (51991 bytes)
Corporal Laramee flanked by the CO and the RSM.
Calgary Highlanders Photos(2Lt Mills)


rankcpl.gif (1595 bytes) Corporal Emslie

2004promo.jpg (32745 bytes)



rankcpl.gif (1595 bytes) Corporal Nussbaumer
2004promo2.jpg (25180 bytes)


Lieutenant Colonel Mark Tennant Trophy - to the best rifle shot in the Regiment

Corporal Peters was presented with this annual award.

St. Julien's Day Awards- 24 April 2004

In honour of the 89th Anniversary of the Battle of St. Julien - the first Battle Honour earned by the Regiment - The Calgary Highlanders exercised their right to the Freedom of the City of Calgary, followed by the annual meeting of the 10th Battalion Calgary Highlanders Association, and annual all-ranks Association Dinner.  As is customary, several trophies were presented to deserving members of The Calgary Highlanders' Regimental Family.

More information on the trophies mentioned below may also be found in the Honours and Awards section of this website, with a brief history of each and a list of former recipients.

Chief Warrant Officer Marty McCumber Award - Outstanding Service to the Regiment

The Ladies' Auxiliary were recognized for their long service to the Regiment;  Deirdre Spaan, Helen McCumber and Shelley Russell perpetuate the long standing tradition of a strong Auxiliary and the Regiment extends their continuing gratitude to them for their efforts. 

Soldier of Excellence

Lieutenant Colonel Warren Spaan, CD, former Commanding Officer, initiated this award, which represents an acknowledgement of excellence amongst the Junior Non-Commissioned Members (those soldiers ranked from Private to Master Corporal).   This year the recipient - chosen by ballot from among his peers - was:

Private Emslie

Colonel J.Fred Scott Memorial Cup - Outstanding Athlete

The award for outstanding athlete, in recognition in part for his role as Captain of the Oak Leafs Hockey Club, went to

Sergeant Chris Tucker

Overseas Battalion Award - Best Junior NCO in a Combat Arms Role

The award for most proficient junior Non-Commissioned Officer in a combat role went to

Master Corporal Kelly Herbert

Sergeant Miller Trophy - Most Proficient Sergeant/Warrant Officer

The award for most proficient senior Non-Commissioned Officer went to

Warrant Officer James R. MacDonald, CD

Ensign's Award - Most Proficient Junior Officer

The award for most proficient junior Officer went to

Lieutenant Palmer

Lieutenant Colonel P.F. Hughes Trophy - Most Proficient Member of the Pipes and Drums

This years recipient was:

Drummer Ian Michaluk

Shortest Right Marker in Regimental History

Measuring in at 5'5-1/2", the webmaster was surprised but honoured to be called upon to act as Marker for Number Two Guard during today's parade.  He also thanks the honours committee for his award of the Justice J.V.H. Milvain Cup for "Most Proficient Junior Rank in a Non-Combat Role."

Congratulations to all those recognized at tonight's dinner.  Good luck to those who are writing exams during this busy time of year. 

It is worthy of note that the Soldier of Excellence marched in today's parade, brought his studying with him after the parade, left to write his exam at 1900, and was back at the dinner in time to accept his award.  Well done, Private Emslie!

Birthday Presentations - 31 March 2004

In honour of the 94th Anniversary of the birth of the Regiment, several awards and presentations were made at Mewata Armoury on 31 March 2004 to mark the occasion.


Canadian Forces Decoration
Calgary Highlanders Photos (2Lt Mills)



ribboncd.gif (1097 bytes) Captain Stefan Ganowicz, CD

Captain Ganowicz's long service as Padre of the Calgary Highlanders was rewarded with the presentation of the Canadian Forces Decoration, acknowledging twelve years of service.

At right, Lieutenant Colonel Villiger, Captain Ganowicz, and Honourary Colonel Gibson.

2004cd.jpg (34676 bytes)


ribboncd2.gif (1676 bytes) 2nd Clasp to the CD - Warrant Officer JR MacDonald

WO MacDonald came to Calgary as Regimental Support Staff from The Royal Canadian Regiment.  After toiling in an office bedecked with presentations from the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (the more usual source of RSS staff), WO MacDonald rebadged to the Militia as a Calgary Highlander.  Thirty-two years of faithful service to the Crown are acknowledged by the presentation of the 2nd Clasp to his CD.

2004cd2.jpg (55097 bytes)
HCol Gibson, LCol Villiger, WO MacDonald, A/RSM Walters

ribboncd.gif (1097 bytes) Master Corporal Rob Jackson, CD

Master Corporal Jackson was recognized for twelve years service to the Crown by the presentation of the Canadian Forces Decoration.

2004cdjackson.jpg (28448 bytes)

ribboncd.gif (1097 bytes) Corporal Dave Jaeger, CD

Corporal Jaeger was recognized for twelve years service to the Crown by the presentation of the Canadian Forces Decoration.

2004cdjaeger.jpg (35668 bytes)


Bruce Waterhouse Memorial Award

Full information on this award can be seen on the Trophies page of this site (under Honours and Awards).  It is presented annually to the top junior rank in the Regiment.  This year's award went to

Master Corporal Michael MacKillop

Master Corporal MacKillop is currently serving in "B" Company as an instructor on the SQ Course.  In recent years he has performed many duties, holding positions on the Junior Ranks Mess Committee and service with the CQMS of "A" Company, as well as a period of training with the Canadian Rangers.

2004bday.jpg (74226 bytes)
Lieutenant Colonel Villiger with Sergeant Tucker and Master Corporal Michael MacKillop celebrate the Regimental Birthday at the all ranks reception in the Junior Ranks Club.

ranklt.gif (1440 bytes) Lieutenant

Congratulations go out to Lieutenant Beauchamp (pictured at right) on his promotion.


On the occasion of the Regimental Birthday, Mrs. Helen McCumber of the Ladies Auxiliary presented a handsome photo of her late husband, Chief Warrant Officer Martin McCumber, MMM, CD, to the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess.  The framed photo was taken on the occasion of their wedding.  Chief Warrant Officer McCumber passed away in 2003.

2004beauchamp.jpg (19604 bytes)

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