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Regimental Indoc - Saturday, 11 September 2004

The start of the year is always a challenging time for the Regiment as bold plans are conceived, new soldiers greeted, returning soldiers are welcomed back, and our greatest asset - the troops - are organized into sections, platoons and companies for the new training year.

As "B" Company - the training subunit of the Regiment - lectured troops on the essentials of winter kit, "A" Company got down to the nitty gritty of infantry training with a rucksack march.  The Calgary Highlanders hope to increase their profile in the community this year; hard to imagine the public not noticing an armed rifle company crossing the 10th Street Bridge in Marching Order...

The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and the Highlander Way...

At right, Sergeant Chris Tucker inspects an item of kit belonging to a soldier in his section. 

Kit inspections are more than just ritual; soldiers new to the Regiment have to learn how best to pack the many items of essential equipment they have into the lightest and most compact load possible.  This newly joined Private (distinguished by the gold cap badge) will have much to learn in the coming weeks. 

Infantry soldiers in training can expect to have to carry loads ranging anywhere from 20 pounds in the most basic form of fighting order to much greater weights when in marching order or when training with support weapons like medium machineguns or anti-tank weapons.

In order to accomplish its missions as a light infantry unit, the Regiment must have soldiers able to move these heavy loads quickly over long distances.

IMG_1133.jpg (25296 bytes)
IMG_1134.jpg (26017 bytes)

IMG_1137.jpg (36031 bytes)

IMG_1135.jpg (28144 bytes)

Sergeant Calvert (above, left) and Sergeant Chisholm (with drill cane in hand in photo at right) watch as their soldiers pack and adjust their loads for the rucksack march.
"Fighting Order" consists in its most basic form of the "web gear" (as shown at right), helmet and weapon.  Private Darlington's Field Message Pad is shown beside the tool if his trade - the C7A1 assault rifle.  The Regiment is still equipped with the 1982 Pattern equipment, with pouches for ammunition, grenades, water bottle, rations, rain gear and other necessary survival items to sustain a soldier in battle for 24 to 48 hours. IMG_1139.jpg (38556 bytes)
The red and white flag insignia has recently replaced the older subdued green flags, which had replaced the CANADA title in the 1990s.  This will be the first training year in which the Calgary Highlanders will be completely equipped with the new CADPAT (Canadian Disrupt Pattern) camouflage uniforms.   Sergeant Dodd (far right) looks on as final orders are given before the rucksack march. IMG_1140.jpg (30475 bytes)

Corporal X, at far right, offers Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger, Commanding Officer of The Calgary Highlanders, assistance with adjusting his pack.

IMG_1141.jpg (28047 bytes)
IMG_1142.jpg (32868 bytes)

Major Tom Manley, Deputy Commanding Officer of The Calgary Highlanders, and the CO, Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger, examine "A" Company's equipment prior to the march.

Lieutenant Colonel Villiger was instrumental, soon after taking command of the battalion,  in having the unit lines of the Armouries painted in Regimental colours, as can be seen in the background.

IMG_1143.jpg (43948 bytes)
The River Path - "A" Company on the march in downtown Calgary

IMG_1144.jpg (45787 bytes)

IMG_1147.jpg (42191 bytes)

IMG_1148.jpg (52411 bytes)

IMG_1149.jpg (67224 bytes)
Master Corporal Rob Jackson (second from front) and Corporal X crossing the 10th Street Bridge.

IMG_1151.jpg (54665 bytes)
Although Corporal Jamie Moreau (at left) may appear fatigued in this photo, no doubt he is simply
poised to offer one of his astute observations(!)

IMG_1152.jpg (37493 bytes)
Sergeant Tucker with a section of newly qualified soldiers in tow.

IMG_1154.jpg (30265 bytes)
Lieutenant Palmer, second from front, seems quite happy to be able to
keep up to the OC of "A" Company, Major Vernon, in the lead.

IMG_1155.jpg (31539 bytes)

IMG_1160.jpg (78968 bytes)

Mewata Armouries - and Home Sweet Home.   A post-exercise stretch for the men of "A" Company.  The Calgary Highlanders continue to share the Armouries with the King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC).   Upon seeing our unit lines so resplendent in the regimental colours, our dear sister regiment couldn't resist doing likewise.


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