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TRANSITIONS June 2003 - March 2004

Last Post

Chief Warrant Officer Martin McCumber, MMM, CD
30 January 1941 - 26 June 2003

mccumber.jpg (23153 bytes) Martin Barry McCumber was born 30 January 1941 in Barrie, Ontario.  He joined the 1292 (Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in 1954 and left in 1959 as a Cadet/Squadron Sergeant Major.   He joined the South Alberta Light Horse on 30 April 1957, and transferred to the King's Own Calgary Regiment in 1959, where he was promoted to Corporal.  In 1960, he was a Bombardier with the 59th Light Anti-Aircraft and served both as an artilleryman, and an infantryman when the unit reroled as infantry and being designated Lanark and Renfrew Scottish.  He was eventually made Sergeant, with transfer to the Calgary Highlanders coming in 1962.  By October 1971 he had risen through the warrant officer ranks and appointed RSM in October 1971 with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.  RSM McCumber went on to become District RSM, and would be appointed RSM of the Calgary Highlanders again in 1977where he served until 1985, when he was once again made District RSM.  After retiring as District RSM in 1990, he went on to act as a cadet liason; in 1997 he retired but joined the Supplementary Ready Reserve and was attached to the 2137 (Calgary Highlanders) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.
RSM McCumber saw a great deal of growth in the Canadian Forces; during his first tour as RSM, American involvement in Vietnam was still very much affecting the way Canadians viewed their own military.  In 1973, at the end of this first tour, the unit had 45 soldiers in total and 3 band members.   Three years later, the unit had 120 on strength.  While in 1977 the Calgary Highlanders only had six warrant officers and sergeants, by 1985 it could boast 22.

In civilian life he worked at Eaton's for 20 years and from 1981 to his retirement in 1998 worked for Xerox as well as holding secretary-treasurer and president positions with his union at Xerox.

RSM McCumber passed away on 26 June 2003; in his career he had been recognized as a Member of the Order of Military Merit; membership in this order is limited to one-tenth of one percent of the total strength of the Canadian Forces and is awarded only to those who display exceptional qualities.   RSM McCumber also had three clasps to his Canadian Forces Decoration, recognizing 42 years of long service and good conduct in the Canadian Forces.

RSM Martin McCumber, MMM, CD was survived by the youngest of his two sons, Guy, as well as his second wife, Helen.  His eldest son, Martin James William McCumber, who had served as an NCO in the Calgary Highlanders before moving to the Regular Force, tragically predeceased him shortly before he passed away. 

mccumbermedals.jpg (53344 bytes)
Chief Warrant Officer McCumber's medal group.  From left: Member of the Order of Military Merit (MMM); Serving Brother of the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Commemorative Medal for the Centennial Anniversary of Confederation, Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) with three clasps.
Photo courtesy Guy McCumber

poirier.jpg (10890 bytes)  

Sergeant Anthony J. ("Tony") Poirier, CD

Details to follow

Sergeant Dennis ("Denny") Russell, CD

Details to follow


Canadian Forces Decoration

Sergeant Kurtis Sanheim of "B" Company received the Canadian Forces Decoration recognizing 12 years of service. 


2003medal.jpg (52032 bytes)


Honorary Lieutenant Colonel

The Regimental Family is pleased to welcome Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Skip MacDonald to the fold.

41 Brigade Regimental Sergeant Major (Acting)

Chief Warrant Officer Kent Griffiths, CD, RSM of the Calgary Highlanders, has been appointed Acting Brigade RSM of 41 Canadian Brigade Group, taking effect in March of 2004.

Regimental Sergeant Major (Acting)

Master Warrant Officer Flint Walters, CD, was appointed Acting RSM of the regiment in March 2004.

Warrant Officer

Sergeant Gerald Downey, CD has been promoted to Warrant Officer.

wodowney.jpg (21073 bytes)
Calgary Highlanders Photo (Lieutenant Gavin Mills)

Master Corporal

Corporal Kristopher Dodd of "B" Company was appointed Master Corporal at the Men's Christmas Dinner in December 2003.

Corporal Mike Kotuk of "A" Company was appointed Master Corporal at the Men's Christmas Dinner in December 2003

doddpromotion.jpg (52451 bytes)
Aboe, left to right: Honorary Colonel Bob Gibson, Master Corporal Kristopher Dodd, Lieutenant Colonel Lee Villiger, CD (Commanding Officer), Regimental Sergeant Major Kent Griffths, CD  Below, Master Corporal Mike Kotuk.
2003xmasdinner.jpg (60383 bytes)
Calgary Highlanders Photo (Lieutenant Gavin Mills)

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