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It is said the kilt panel was originally a bow to modesty; in the current era, the panel serves to distinguish Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers from the junior soldiers of the Regiment.

Upon being promoted to Sergeant, or being commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, the Calgary Highlander will obtain an embroidered panel, as at left, and a set of two small and two large green ribbon rosettes, as at right.  The first large rosette is placed on the panel, as in Figures 1 and 2, below.   The head of the rosette should be firmly attached to the kilt without visible threads, and the tails should be left loose so as to dangle.  The second rosette is then attached as in Figure 3.

rosette.gif (2112 bytes)
kiltpanelplace.gif (17522 bytes) kiltpanel1.gif (15518 bytes) kiltpanel2.gif (13965 bytes)
Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

rosette2.jpg (28915 bytes)
Lieutenant Colonel Alan Maitland presents Pipe Major Robert Henderson with his personal pipe banner, during the lead up to the Queen's Visit in June 1990.  Note the position of the rosettes on the kilt.

The entire Kilt Panel is sewn to the front of the kilt, with the bottom of the panel in line with the hem.  The outer edge of the panel should be in line with the wearer's outside right edge of the front apron.

When the kilt panel is attached to the front of the kilt, the small rosettes can be lined up; the head of each small rosette should line up with the head of the large rosettes.  These small rosettes get stitched to the 3rd pleat on the back of the kilt, again, on the wearer's right hand side.  The heads should be firmly stitched down, with the tails free to dangle.

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