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Freedom of the City is a military tradition dating back to medieval England when military units would seek permission from civic leaders to march inside city walls. It symbolized the cityıs trust and respect for the unit and was considered by the military to be a great honour.    This honour permits a unit to march with bayonets fixed, drums beating, and Colours flying.

The City of Calgary had granted Freedom of the City to eleven military units in the 20th Century.  The Calgary Highlanders received Freedom of the City on 3 July 1964, and also received Freedom of the City of Drumheller on that date.

The Regiment exercises this ancient rite annually during its St. Julien's Day Commemoration in April.

Freedom of the City of Calgary

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1952
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada 1960
The Calgary Highlanders 1964
Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) 1965
The King's Own Calgary Regiment 1967
The Fort Garry Horse 1969
14 (Calgary) Service Battalion 1982
1 Service Battalion 1982
746 Communications Squadron 1987
HMCS Calgary 1998
4 Wing Cold Lake 1999

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