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Regimental Music Recordings

In 2010, in honour of the Regiment's Centennial year, the Regimental Pipes and Drums produced their second ambitious recording entitled Airaghardt: ONWARD. The title refers to the Regimental Motto, rendered in both Gaelic and English, a motto shared with the City of Calgary. As with the first recording, the tracks are a mixture of standard regimental tunes, combined with non-traditional music such as a rousing rendition of "Haughs of Cromdale" with guest musicians The Boys of St. James' Gate, with Dave Grobe (Drums), Dave Best (Bass), Justin Stewart (Electric Guitar), Dwayne Marsden (Bouzouki & Acoustic Guitar), Bill O'Neil (Tin Whistle) and Glenn Macleod (Vocals & Bodran). Carlos Foggin lent his skills to the Pipe Organ for the regimental favourite "Highland Cathedral" as well as the Ode to Joy. Also included on the CD are two historical recordings taken from radio broadcasts of the 1st Battalion's return to Calgary from war service in November 1945.


Soldiers & Music: Sloedam & Scotland the Brave (2:27)
Regimental March: Highland Laddie (1:35)
Cutting Bracken Medley: Cutting Bracken/Mannix Stag/Findlay MacRae/The Foiler/Sleepy Maggie/Dmitri's Suspicion About the Cows in the Trees/The Red Fox (5:20)
Pipe Solo:
Private Cameron Drummond
Duncan Johnstone/The Rainbow/Fiddlers Rally (4:42)
  The Gael (3:16)
  Callum Rife/Onaping Centennial Pipe Band (2:22)
Historical Broadcast The 10th Battalion Story (0:50)
  Ode to Joy (2:10)
Drum Salute Welcome to Borden (4:08)
Jig Set Hammer on the Anvil/Queen of the Rushes/The Mallaig Ferry (3:51)
Regimental Slow March, 4/4 Marches The Sloedam/Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree (2:46)
Historical Broadcast Mayor Andrew Davison's Welcome Home speech to the 1st Battalion in November 1945 (1:20)
6/8 March All the Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border (1:33)
Pipe Solo:
Pipe Corporal Brandon Summers
Banff to Victoria/Bronnies Blue Brozzie/Upside Down at Eden Court/Double F Dilemma (4:49)
Windy City Medley Windy City/The Braes of Mar/On Evil Strathspey/Glen's Chapeau/On Evil Reel/Daynah's Song/Fox Hunter/Skye Rovers (5:37)
Hymn Highland Cathedral (4:16)
3/4 Retreat Marches The Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battle's O'er (2:18)
  The Haughs of Cromdale (4:21)
Traditional Song Glenwhorple (4:44)
2/4 March (Return to Barracks) Scotch on the Rocks/The Black Bear (1:50)
Bibliography Information

CHRFF2010 "AIRAGHARDT - ONWARD" Regimental Pipes & Drums of the Calgary Highlanders


In 1990, in conjunction with the Presentation of Queen's Colour, the Regimental Pipes and Drums produced their very first recording, on both compact disc and cassette tape.  Entitled Eighty Years of Glory, and released by Band Leader Records, the recording featured a mix of traditional and new bagpipe and drum music, as well as the hymn Highland Cathedral accompanied by Mr. Terence Fullerton on the Carthy Organ. Regimental Bard Jack Whyte also performed on several tracks, including two poems written by him in tribute to the Regiment's most revered battle honours.

recording.jpg (10487 bytes)
Pipe Major Robert W. Henderson, CD
Drum Major Brian S. King, CD


Regimental March: Highland Laddie (1:30)
March, Strathspey, Reel
and March
Hills of Perth/Arniston Castle/Sound of Sleat/Blue Bonnets (4:43)
Slow March Medley: Skye Boat Song/Westering Home (2:33)
Jig Set: Introduction/Banjo Breakdown/Glasgow City Police Pipers/Troy's Wedding (3:57)
Regimental Battle Honour - St Julien: Poem, St Julien/The Black Bear (4:58)
Slow Air and Reel: Flower of Scotland/The Mason's Apron (3:16)
March Set: We're No Awa' to Bide Awa'/Will Ye No' Come Back Again/Auld Lang Syne (2:07) 
Lights Out and March Set: Donald Blue/Up to the Line/A Hundred Pipers (2:28)
Regimental Battle Honour - Walcheren Causeway: Hallowe'en/Sloedam (6:55)
March Set: The Garb of Old Gaul/Sergeant Major Helen Kozicky (2:46)
Medley: She Walked Through the Fair/The Children/Smith's a Gallant Fireman/The MacFarlane's Reel/She Walked Through the Fair/Ragtime Pipers/Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel (5:30)
Hymn: Highland Cathedral (3:27)
Regimental March: Highland Laddie (1:17)




Pipe Major Robert W. Henderson, CD Drum Sergeant Lloyd J. Martens (Lead Tip)
Pipe Sergeant Douglas K. Hamilton Corporal Rob Nederlof (Tenor)
Corporal Jody Marchuk Drummer Luis Guembes (Snare)
Corporal Jane Hamilton
Corporal Bruce (Boo-Boo) MacKay
martens.jpg (4872 bytes) nederlof.jpg (6149 bytes) guembes.jpg (6445 bytes)
Corporal Martens Corporal Nederlof Drummer Guembes
mckay.jpg (6569 bytes)
Corporal McKay


Mr. Terence Fullerton

Regimental Bard

Mr. Jack Whyte

Bibliography Information

BND 61064 "EIGHTY YEARS OF GLORY" Regimental Pipes, Drums & Bard of the Calgary Highlanders, Bandleader Records


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