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Photos and Articles

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The Calgary Highlanders
Great War Interments August 2017 Aug 2017
IBTS Training - Lethbridge - 14-16 October 2016 Oct 2016
TOUGH MUDDER 2016 Aug 2016
Operation DISTINCTION - First World War Centennial Commemoration Jul 2016
Exercise GOLDEN COYOTE Jun 2016
Creating a new military tradition: Dutch soldiers pay tribute 2016
2015 St. Julien Centennial Battlefield Pilgrimage 2015
National Day of Honour - 9 May 2014 May 2014
Training with the Canadian Rangers - Sgt P. Brandson September 2013 Sep 2013
2nd Annual Claude Nunney, VC, DCM, MM Mess Dinner 2013
Alberta Flood - June 2013 Jun 2013
Exercise HIGHLAND ISLAND 8-10 March 2013 Mar 2013
Nijmegen March 2013 Mar 2013
Remembrance Day Nov 2011
Change of Command Parade Nov 2010
2010 Centennial Battlefield Pilgrimage Jun 2010
Exercise DINOSAUR SCOUT Mar 2010
Remembrance Week 2009 Nov 2009
Retirement of Nathan Hornburg Sweater Apr 2008
Pre-Deployment Training for Afghanistan May 2007
Adventure Training August 2006 Aug 2006
Exercise COUGAR SALVO Mar 2005
Year-end Nominal Roll of Officers - 2004 2004
Exercise BLACK BEAR Nov 2004
60th Anniversary of Walcheren Causeway Oct 2004
The Three Block War Comes to Calgary Oct 2004
Urban Warfare Sep 2004
Regimental Indoc Sep 2004
Exercise ACTIVE EDGE Aug 2004
2004 Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Jul 2004
St. Julien Day Parade Apr 2004
Exercise MOUNTAIN GRIZZLY - Ft. Lewis - Army Photographer Mar 2004
Exercise MOUNTAIN GRIZZLY - Ft. Lewis - Pte Trudel Mar 2004
Rifle Range 2004
Exercise TARTAN CHINDIT - Porcupine Hills  Oct 2003
Operation PEREGRINE - Firefighting in B.C. Aug 2003
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Weapons Display Jul 2003
"Liam" Action Figure 2002
Presentation of Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal 2001
Exercise HIGHLAND RAIDER Nov 1998
Mount Robson 1998
Basic Comms Course 1996
Presentation of Queen's Colour 1990
Overview of the 1990s 1990
Pipes and Drums 1989
Pipes and Drums 1988
Warrant Officers and Sergeants 1980s
Officers and Senior Warrant Officers 1982-83
Change of Command - The Calgary Highlanders Commanding Officer 1982
Ken Clements Photos 1982
Change of Command - The Calgary Highlanders Commanding Officer 1979
Highland Games Drumheller 1979
Change of RSM 1979
HMCS Tecumseh Sports Day 1979
St. Julien's Day 1976
Warrant Officers and Sergeants 1971
The Calgary Highlanders in the 1960s - photo gallery 1960-1969
The Calgary Highlanders in the 1950s - photo gallery 1950-1959
The Calgary Highlanders in the 1930s - photo gallery 1930-1939
The Calgary Highlanders in the 1920s - photo gallery 1921-1929
1st Battalion, The Calgary Highlanders (Canadian Army (Overseas))
The Calgary Highlanders in the Second World War - photo gallery 1939-1945
10th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force
10th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force - photo gallery 1914-1919
103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) 
103rd Regiment - photo gallery 1910-1921

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