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Exercise MOUNTAIN GRIZZLY - Fort Lewis, Washington, 26 - 28 March 2004

through the lens of an Army photographer

Photos by Corporal Shawn McDonald. Photos are thumbnailed, click to enlarge

Exercise Mountain Grizzly was the first of two deployments designed to prepare units of 41 Canadian Brigade Group for Exercise Active Edge 2004 to be held in Wainwright in August.  The exercise marked the first deployment of the brigade outside of Canada, and was conducted both as a road move for advance parties, and by charter flights for the majority of participating troops. The Calgary Highlanders fielded 92 soldiers primarily from "A" Company.

The Brigade was assisted by 39 Canadian Brigade (based in British Columbia) who provided equipment (made easy by the fact the BC brigade had trained in Fort Lewis the weekend prior) as well as Militia Training Support Centre in Wainwright as well as, of course, the United States Army who provided the MILES (laser training) gear employed by 41 Brigade, as well as other equipment such as the Chinook helicopter shown in the photos below.

phot2004a.jpg (91112 bytes)

phot2004e.jpg (244970 bytes)


phot2004d.jpg (312341 bytes)

phot2004c.jpg (380568 bytes)

phot2004i.jpg (453364 bytes)

phot2004f.jpg (359934 bytes)

phot2004h.jpg (243956 bytes)

phot2004j.jpg (897928 bytes)

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