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Exercise ACTIVE EDGE - August 2004
Photos by Private O'Shea

The annual Militia Concentrations (MILCONs) have been replaced in recent years with various formation level exercises; SAVAGE BEAR was a 41 Brigade exercise run in years past.   In 2003 and 2004, Land Force Western Area conducted Exercise ACTIVE EDGE in which reserve force soldiers experienced working with armoured vehicles such as the Leopard C2 main battle tank and the LAV III armoured personnel carrier.

Summer concentrations tend to be at least a week in length which sometimes limits the level of participation by Reserve soldiers; this year's Calgary Highlanders contingent was small but enthusiastic.

Private O'Shea, Private Dalidowicz, Private Hansen, Private Ledarney

Pte.Dalidowicz on top of a LAV III.

Private Hartley inside a wet improvised shelter.

Private Ledarney pointing his rifle out the side of an HLVW during a tactical move.

Private O'Shea with two Leopard C2 Tanks in the distance.

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