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Operation Peregrine - Forest Fire Fighting
Photos courtesy of Corporal Dan Glickman, 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion

On August 2, 2003, with forest fires burning all over the province, the Government of British Columbia declared a state of emergency; the next day, it requested military assistance, and Operation PEREGRINE was launched. At the height of the crisis, about 800 fires were burning in B.C. and tens of thousands of people had been ordered out of their homes. Eventually more than 2,200 Canadian Forces personnel were involved in fighting five of the worst fires, at Barriere-McLure, Okanagan Mountain Park, Vaseux Lake, McGillivray and Kuskanook.

They extinguished “hot-spots” – underground fires fed by fuel sources such as tree roots – to stabilize less active areas of the fire zone, and worked behind the lines to deliver medical, administrative and logistics services. They also sometimes joined the civilian firefighters in the front line to subdue emerging and unstable fires.

Operation PEREGRINE lasted 45 days and involved more than 2,600 soldiers, sailors and Air Force personnel (including about 900 Reservists). It was the CF’s third-largest recent domestic operation, after the 1998 ice storm (Operation RECUPERATION) and the 1997 Red River flood (Operation ASSISTANCE).

Several Calgary Highlanders served as part of Op PEREGRINE.

phot2003b.jpg (19523 bytes)

Master Corporal MacKillop
Master Corporal Waddell
Corporal Poonwah
Private Barlow
Private Malone
Private Martin
Private Morris
Private Stiff
Private Waye

phot2003d.jpg (14140 bytes)

phot2003e.jpg (13636 bytes)
Left, Private Morris

Above, Cpl Poonwah, MCpl Waddell

Right, MCpl Waddell

phot2003a.jpg (20743 bytes)

phot2003c.jpg (62726 bytes)

Additional photos below courtesy of Private Cody Martin

2003a.jpg (38936 bytes)
Master Corporal Krista Waddell and Master Corporal Mike MacKillop in the

back of an HLVW (Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled) in BC.
Note the smoke from the fires in the background.

2003b.jpg (19978 bytes)
From left to right; Private Stiff, Private Waye, Private Barlow, Private Martin
of the Calgary Highlanders and Private Whitehall of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment

2003c.jpg (58478 bytes)
Private Josh Morris (right) with Master Corporal Waddell, showing the haze from the fires
in the background.  Town of Kelowna is shown.

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