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Presentation of Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medals - 21 April 2001

Calgary Highlanders Photos

The Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal was announced on 29 June 2000, and continues to be awarded to Canadians who have been deployed outside Canada on peacekeeping or observer missions, as part of a United Nations or International Force, for a minimum of 30 days (not necessarily consecutive). The first awards of this medal were made to the Calgary Highlanders during the annual Freedom of the City parade on 21 April 2001.  His Worship Al Duerr, Mayor of the City of Calgary, made the presentations.

The medal follows in the tradition of other awards such as the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM) which was instituted in the Second World War for service in the armed forces, and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea, instituted for service during the Korean War.





Captain MacDonald, PPCLI, Regular Support Staff and Regimental Adjutant, receives his award from His Worship as
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Spaan looks on.  At right is Captain Kyle Dorcas.

cpsm2001j.jpg (70026 bytes)
Captain Kyle Dorcas, former PPCLI RSS and Regimental Adjutant who joined The Calgary Highlanders after retirement from the Regular Force.

cpsm2001f.jpg (39165 bytes)
Corporal Cody Campbell

cpsm2001e.jpg (51949 bytes)
Corporal Joe Eged

cpsm2001c.jpg (54835 bytes)
Corporal Rob Jackson; at right is Master Warrant Officer Kent Griffiths

cpsm2001b.jpg (62262 bytes)
Lieutenant Brian King

cpsm2001i.jpg (18886 bytes)
Above, Corporal Sheldon Wagg
At right, Master Corporal Mike Smith

cpsm2001a.jpg (40917 bytes)


cpsm2001k.jpg (17074 bytes)
Above, Master Corporal Nowell
At right, Master Corporal Holland

cpsm2001h.jpg (55759 bytes)

cpsm2001m.jpg (49884 bytes)
Warrant Officer Bruce Anderson; at left is Master Warrant Officer Flint Walters

cpsm2001g.jpg (37624 bytes)
Regimental Sergeant Major Byron Fletcher

cpsm2001d.jpg (13170 bytes)

Some presentations were made at the 10th Battalion Calgary Highlanders Association reunion dinner that evening; at left, Sergeant Paul Reaper, Sergeant Martin Woods and Sergeant Chris Tucker receive their awards.


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