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Presentation of Queen's Colour, 30 June 1990

On 30 June 1990, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Colonel-in-Chief of The Calgary Highlanders, presented a new Queen's Colour to the Regiment before a capacity crowd at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.   On parade were the King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC), The Calgary Highlanders, and the combined bands of the KOCR and the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. 


Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Alan G. Maitland, CD
Field Officers for the Colours Major R.J. Goebel, CD
Major W.J. Spaan, CD
Colour Party Lieutenant J.G. Hands (Senior Colour Ensign)
Lieutenant H.S. Sekhon (Junior Colour Ensign)
Warrant Officer R.S. Besse, CD
Sergeant S.G. Barnett
Sergeant K.J. Griffiths, CD
Adjutant Captain F.L. Villiger
Regimental Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer W.J. Donovan, CD
queen10.jpg (21135 bytes)

The markers were played onto the playing field to the tune of "Pentland Hills" as performed by the massed military bands of The King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

The King's Own Calgary Regiment, as an armoured regiment, are senior to The Calgary Highlanders and marched in to the stadium first, to the tune of "My Boy Willie", the march past of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps.  The KOCR took post on the northern end of the playing field.

The Calgary Highlanders then entered the stadium to the tune of "Up To The Line."  Officers took post to "Mallorca" as played by the Pipes and Drums, and the Guidon of the KOCR were marched on to the tune of "Colonel Bogey", their regimental march, and "Duke of York."

A General Salute was then played for the Inspecting Officer, Colonel John Fletcher, CD, the District Commander.

The Calgary Highlanders then performed the ancient ritual of Trooping the Colour; the old Queen's Colour was paraded through the ranks one last time, in slow time, before being marched off parade.

A Vice Regal Salute was presented to the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, and the General Salute welcomed the Chief of the Defence Staff, General AJG de Chastelain, CMM, CD, who immediately took post with the Pipes and Drums.  General de Chastelain had started his military career as a Private in the Regimental Pipes and Drums of The Calgary Highlanders and played with the band for the remainder of the parade.

At right, General deChastelain in position with the Pipes and Drums, shown at extreme left of the photograph.

queen8.jpg (29044 bytes)

The Royal Salute, followed by a 21 gun salute fired by four 105mm howitzers of the 20th Independent Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, greeted Her Majesty, who rode into the stadium accompanied by her Lady In Waiting, Marg Southern.

The Inspection followed, and Her Majesty inspected both The Calgary Highlanders and the King's Own Calgary Regiment.

The drummers of The Calgary Highlanders then piled their drums to create an altar for the consecration of the Colours.

queenarrival.jpg (24012 bytes)

queen7.jpg (42950 bytes)

The new Queen's Colour was consecrated by

Brigadier General E. Landry, CD
Chaplain General Roman Catholic

Brigadier General S.H. Clarke, CD
Chaplain General Protestant

Major J.A. Fraser
Chaplain to The Calgary Highlanders and Southern Alberta Militia District

queen5.jpg (31245 bytes)

The Calgary Highlanders then marched past in line to the tunes "Barren Rocks of Aden", "Highland Laddie", and "The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain."

queen4.jpg (43579 bytes)

Once The Calgary Highlanders had marched past, the King's Own Calgary Regiment mounted their Iltis Reconnaissance vehicles and Cougar Fire Support Vehicles, and conducted a mounted roll past, to the tunes "Colonel Bogey" and "My Boy Willie."

queen6.jpg (32226 bytes)

Perhaps the most emotional moment came after the roll-past, when several hundred veterans of both Regiments, including combat veterans from the First and Second World Wars, marched past Her Majesty.  The Colonel-In-Chief then conducted a brief walkabout and shook hands and chatted with many of the veterans before departing the stadium, and allowing the two regiments to march off.

Massed Bands
under the direction of Captain H.G. MacPherson, CD

queen2.jpg (87917 bytes)


King's Own Calgary Regiment Band
Director of Music - Captain H.G. MacPherson, CD
Band Master - Master Warrant Officer W.H. "Bill" Morey, CD

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Band
Director of Music - Captain D.W. Embree, CD
Drum Major - Warrant Officer J.T. Vanderlinden, CD

The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Pipes and Drums
Pipe Major - Warrant Officer Robert W. Henderson, CD
Drum Major - Warrant Officer Brian S. King, CD

At right - the pre-parade entertainment included the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

queen3.jpg (21872 bytes)
macpherson.jpg (7601 bytes) embree.jpg (7348 bytes) bandleaders.jpg (7981 bytes) king.jpg (10470 bytes)

Captain MacPherson, KOCR

Captain Embree, PPCLI

Drum Major Vanderlinden, PPCLI
and Pipe Major Henderson

Drum Major King

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