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Ken Clements Photos - 1970s/1980s
Photos from the collection of Corporal Ken Clements, who served with the Regiment in the late 1970s and early 1980s.   Thanks to Ken Clements for both the donation of the photos as well as the work done in identifying the subjects and writing the captions.


clements1.jpg (62209 bytes) Corporal Darrel Nixon and Master Corporal Eddy Venker enjoying a cigar after an exercise at the Sarcee Training Area, just outside the Calgary city limits.  The Regiment was fortunate during this period to have a training area so close to the Armouries.

clements2.jpg (47926 bytes)

Corporal Ken Clements and Sergeant Chris Perry preparing for a dress parade.
clements3.jpg (40917 bytes) Corporal Ed May and Master Corporal Bob Besse cleaning the units anti tank weapon.
clements4.jpg (36520 bytes) Sergeant Chris Perry sending a message during a Sarcee excercise
clements5.jpg (25575 bytes) Unknown officer (possibly Scotty Buchanan) with Corporal Pat Bonneville dressed as a Russian prisoner. Note look of stunned disbelief on the prisoners face as he learns what the Highland lads have planned for him.
clements6.jpg (57648 bytes) Patrol preparing to leave during another Sarcee excercise.
clements7.jpg (41362 bytes) Sergeant Bruce Waterhouse.
clements8.jpg (48014 bytes) Corporal Pat Bonneville shows off his fighting skills with a C1 Sub Machine Gun (SMG) to an attentive Master Corporal Bruce Anderson.


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