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Regimental Pipes and Drums - St. Julien's Day, April 1988

pipeband1988.jpg (93593 bytes)

Regimental Pipes and Drums of The Calgary Highlanders
St. Julien's Day Parade, April 1988

Front Row - Sergeant Chris Linford, Private John Pietrovito, Private Glen Felzien, Private Bill Kelso, Private Steve Hakl

Second Row - Cadet Corporal Dan Irvine, Cadet Corporal Geoff May, Cadet Bass Drummer, Cadet Drummer MacDonald, Cadet Drummer Mark Smith

Third Row - Pipe Major Robert Henderson, Private Scott Dayman, Private David Anderson (obscured), Cadet Piper MacKay, Corporal Keith McFarquhar, Pipe Sergeant Brian King

Fourth Row - Private Jane Dorman, Cadet Piper Derek Balding, Corporal Brian Skogland, Piper Reg Michel, Private Michael Dorosh, Cadet Pipe Major Jody Marchuk

Fifth Row - Corporal Murray Harris, Private Doug Hamilton

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