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Change of Command Parade 1982
Photos from the collection of RSM Martin McCumber, courtesy his son Guy McCumber.

A Change of Command Parade is a formal handing over of command from one officer to another; it marks the pinnacle of an officer's regimental career, though many Commanding Officers go on to greater challenges at higher levels outside the Regiment proper.  The occasion is an opportunity for a Regiment to give thanks to their leader, and vice versa, often in the form of gifts and presentations.  

There is a contrast here between the Change of Command in 1979 and this one; all troops are dressed in Fighting Order - the combat unit with web gear.  The Colour Party is dressed in "CFs" and the Pipes and Drums in Full Dress.  The basket-hilted Highland sword (incorrectly and widely called a "Claymore") is used for the ritual of handing over command;   Colonely Blakely (former CO of the Calgary Highlanders himself from 1974-1976) passes the sword from Lieutenant Colonel PF Hughes to Lieutenant Colonel JE Fletcher.

1982coc1.jpg (76807 bytes) 1982coc2.jpg (65043 bytes) 1982coc3.jpg (81015 bytes)

Inspection and March Past

1982coc4.jpg (72013 bytes) 1982coc5.jpg (62739 bytes) 1982coc6.jpg (62188 bytes)

Handover and Signing Ceremony

1982coc7.jpg (66922 bytes) 1982coc8.jpg (68582 bytes) Presentation of gifts by RSM McCumber.
1982coc9.jpg (83448 bytes) 1982coc10.jpg (72588 bytes) Pipes and Drums and Colour Party on parade.


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