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Highland Games - Drumheller, 23 June 1979
Photos from the collection of RSM Martin McCumber, courtesy his son Guy McCumber.

In the late 1970s, "C" Company was based in Drumheller, Alberta; these photos were taken the same weekend as the Change of Command Parade.   Any help identifying the persons in the photo would be greatly appreciated.

All photos below are thumbnailed, please click to enlarge and use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

1970hg14.jpg (65415 bytes) 1970hg2.jpg (66679 bytes) 1970hg1.jpg (74727 bytes)

Private Norm Rodgers is the "Officer Material" overseeing the Tug of War.  Rodgers retired from the Canadian Forces in the 1990s as a Sergeant after a long career with the Regiment.

1970hg8.jpg (83479 bytes) 1970hg4.jpg (74981 bytes) 1970hg7.jpg (70789 bytes)
The beginning of a fierce struggle; Lieutenant Colonel Moffat is shown above centre.
1970hg10.jpg (70239 bytes) 1970hg11.jpg (86569 bytes) 1970hg12.jpg (79068 bytes)

One Highlander, above centre, has decided to do battle in the ancient and traditional Highland fashion - by doffing his kilt and fighting it out in shirt and hose...female in Highland Dance costume is Private Louise McCauley.

1970hg15.jpg (90464 bytes) 1970hg9.jpg (56358 bytes) 1970hg5.jpg (48532 bytes)

Victory; RSM Martin McCumber pours celebratory toast for the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Moffat.

1970hg17.jpg (72564 bytes) 1970hg18.jpg (76358 bytes) 1970hg16.jpg (77266 bytes)
Awards, congratulations, and posing for photographs.  Brigadier H Ovas Wagg, Commander of Prairie Militia Area,  is presenting the awards. 1970hg6.jpg (113011 bytes)
1970hg3.jpg (61475 bytes) 1970hg13.jpg (80334 bytes)

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