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Change of Command Parade 1979
Photos from the collection of RSM Martin McCumber, courtesy his son Guy McCumber.

A Change of Command Parade is a formal handing over of command from one officer to another; it marks the pinnacle of an officer's regimental career, though many Commanding Officers go on to greater challenges at higher levels outside the Regiment proper.  The occasion is an opportunity for a Regiment to give thanks to their leader, and vice versa, often in the form of gifts and presentations.  

The photos below give a small idea of the scope of this practice; and also provide a glimpse into the appearance of the Regiment and its home in 1979.  Conspicuous in the background is the Jeep with 106mm Recoilless Gun, indicative of the constantly changing equipment and roles the Militia in Canada has undergone in the post WW II era.  The first two photos show RSM Martin McCumber and Lieutenant Colonel J. Lynn Moffat, the outgoing Commanding Officer, wearing the green coatee which was standard full dress for the Regiment from the late 1950s.  

1979coc1.jpg (26379 bytes)

1979coc2.jpg (27322 bytes)

1979coc3.jpg (24009 bytes)

1979coc4.jpg (22799 bytes)

1979coc5.jpg (24962 bytes)

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