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Change of RSM Parade 23 June 1979
Photos from the collection of RSM Martin McCumber, courtesy his son Guy McCumber.

The Regimental Sergeant Major is the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in an infantry battalion, and the only soldier in the battalion to hold the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.  He wields great authority and bears great responsibility.  He is identified on parade as the only NCO permitted to carry a sword, though he is only allowed to draw it when the Colour is formally Trooped. 

Chief Warrant Officer John McNeill was replaced by Chief Warrant Officer Martin McCumber at a parade in Drumheller, Alberta in 1979.  As with a Change of Command, the appointment of a new RSM represents another important event in the life of the Regiment, and an individual milestone in the career of a Calgary Highlander NCO.

The photos offer an interesting look at the uniforms and equipment of the Regiment; glengarries are worn with the combat uniform; RSM McNeill has added a tartan ascot to his uniform, and both he and the Commanding Officer wear Parachute Qualification badges ("jump wings") on their "combats."  Pistols are also carried by officers and the two CWOs.   Soldiers are armed with the FN C1 assault rifle, the Canadian Army standard from the late 1950s up until the late 1980s.  The Colour Party, however, is armed with presentation model Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk I rifles.  The Regimental Colours, only paraded on special occasions, are the stand of Colours presented to the Regiment in 1967.

All photos below are thumbnailed, please click to enlarge and use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

1977rsm1.jpg (70748 bytes) 1977rsm2.jpg (72565 bytes) 1977rsm3.jpg (61603 bytes)

Parade through the town.

1977rsm4.jpg (87661 bytes) 1977rsm5.jpg (87325 bytes) 1977rsm6.jpg (102410 bytes)

Views of the Colour Party on parade at the sports field.

1977rsm8.jpg (91479 bytes) 1977rsm9.jpg (81426 bytes) 1977rsm10.jpg (82088 bytes)

Lieutenant Colonel J. Lynn Moffatt passes on the RSM's sword
from CWO John McNeill to CWO Martin McCumber.  Brigadier HO Wagg, CD, MD, CM, FRCS (L) - Commander of Prairie Militia Area, is the reviewing officer.

1977rsm12.jpg (73922 bytes) 1977rsm11.jpg (86123 bytes) A final march past before the outgoing RSM.


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