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Photos - Calgary Highlanders 1920s

phot1920s.jpg (96354 bytes)
Lord Willingdon, Governor General of Canada, inspects the Calgary Highlanders in 1928.  Officer at right wears the same pattern sporran as the enlisted men - two black points on white, with a Tenth Battalion badge on the cantle.  At this point in time, the Regiment still boasted many veterans of the First World War, as evidenced by the decorations on the soldiers photographed here.   A red sash is just visible on the sergeant second from right, and he also wears an older Canadian Pattern Service Dress Jacket with 7 button front and stand up collar.   Compare to the man at right, with the 5 button pattern adopted from the British during the First World War.  All soldiers carry the standard weapon for this period, the Number 1 Mark III SMLE (Short Magazine, Lee Enfield).  Officer at left doesn't appear to have a standard pattern Highland officers' sword; likely it is a sword he purchased or had handed down to him before joining the Highlanders.

p705.jpg (48421 bytes)


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