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Regimental Senate

The Regimental Senate consists of the Commanding Officer and all past commanding officers.  The Honorary Colonel and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel are normally invited to attend Senate meetings. The Regimental Secretary, if not already a member, may also be invited to attend.  The Senate advises the serving Commanding Officer on selection of the next CO, honorary appointments, questions of dress, tradition and protocol within the Regiment, use of non-public funds and regimental property, and other matters the current Commanding Officer may request.

2004regtlsenate.jpg (195661 bytes)

With the portrait of the founding Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel W.C.G. Armstrong, looking on, members of the Regimental Senate pose for the camera in September 2004.

Back Row, left to right:
Lieutenant Colonel F.Lee Villiger, CD (Commanding Officer)
Lieutenant Colonel H.Vince O'Connor, CD (CO 1968-70)
Lieutenant Colonel Rick Goebel, CD (CO 1997-1999)
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Grime, CD (CO 1994-1997)
Lieutenant Colonel J. Lynn Moffat, OMM, CD (Regimental Secretary and CO 1976-1979 and 1991-1994)
Lieutenant Colonel Warren Spaan (CO 1999-2002)

Front Row, left to right:
Colonel PF Hughes, CD (CO 1979-1982)
Colonel John E Fletcher, CD (CO 1982-1985)
Honorary Colonel Bob Gibson

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