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Regimental Museum and Archives - Virtual Tour Page 5 (Calgary Highlanders to the Present)

mus5medal.jpg (14150 bytes)

The next section of the Museum features a display of medals, a replica of the Brooding Soldier monument that stands at St. Julien in Belgium, and a life size depiction of a Calgary Highlander standing vigil at a cenotaph. On the wall are the Battle Honours of the Calgary Highlanders.

The medals in the Calgary Highlanders gallery run the gamut from those left behind by fallen comrades, to those worn proudly by the larger-than-life.

medals.jpg (22682 bytes)
waterhouse.jpg (28489 bytes)

mus5lest.jpg (32144 bytes)

Peacekeeping - 1950 - Present

moore.jpg (7261 bytes)

Major Stu Moore of the Calgary Highlanders, whom this gallery is dedicated to, is shown at in the Khyber Pass in 1950 as part of Canada's very first peacekeeping mission, called the United Nations Mission Observer Group India Pakistan (UNMOGIP). 

peace1.jpg (26759 bytes) peace2.jpg (13435 bytes)

Major Moore was the first soldier of the Regiment to go abroad on peacekeeping duty, and hundreds more have followed in his footsteps, joining Regular Force units for tours of duty in Cyprus, Cambodia, the Golan Heights, the Suez, and most recently in the former Yugoslavia.

A lifesize diorama on the Peacekeeping exhibit shows one of the many typical duties of Canadian peacekeepers in Bosnia -  an entry team uncovering an illegal weapons cache in a war-damaged house.

volstad.jpg (10576 bytes)In September 2002, an entire platoon of Calgary Highlanders was integrated into the PPCLI Battle Group making up Rotation 11 (Roto 11) of Operation Palladium in Bosnia-Herzogovina.  The battle group (comprising headquarters, two infantry companies, one support company, and an administration company) numbered approximately 350 soldiers from 1 PPCLI, with troops from Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians); as well as artillery and engineer troops - and also a formed company of 185 reservists including a formed company of 124 soldiers.   This battle group was the major component of the 1,100 man Canadian Task Force Bosnia-Herzogovina.  Almost 40,000 Canadian soldiers had rotated through the Balkans in the service of peace from 1992 to 2003 - 200 of them have been Calgary Highlanders.

This is the end of the virtual tour; other displays in the Calgary Highlanders museum include an interactive video terminal with wartime documentary newsreel footage showing the Canadian Army in action in World War Two.  As well, the artwork of acclaimed Canadian military artist Ron Volstad is displayed on the outer wall of the Calgary Highlanders gallery, showing the variety of uniforms worn by the regiment from inception until the 1970s.

It is anticipated that displays featuring artifacts from Calgary Highlanders serving in Afghanistan will be prepared for public consumption in due course.


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