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BATUS Hockey 2009-2010

Story by Warrant Officer Chris Tucker, Photos by Corporal Darren Jones (BATUS)

After a brief hiatus (due to operational commitments and schedules), the annual BATUS Lions vs the Calgary Highlanders Oakleafs match-up was played with the Highlanders hosting the event this year. The game was preceded by the usual meet and greet in the Junior Ranks Mess where some drinks were consumed and trash talk was delivered in the usual joking tone between the two teams. As with previous matches, once we hit the ice it was all business with the Lions and Oakleafs determined to come out victorious. Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Lynn Moffat piped the teams out onto the ice for the warm-up.

Now, as the guy who organizes the match between the Lions and the Oakleafs I am always humbled at the turnout of the Lions. This year was no different. I looked across the ice at the Lions' hockey sweaters with matching socks with great envy as I compared them to our ragged bush league sweaters. To all, the sad state of the dress and deportment of the team will change as we will clean things up for next year.

As the game played on, some battles were won and some were lost, but both teams kept their cool and no one dropped the gloves, keeping in tune with the whole sportsmanship principle of the game. A special thanks goes out to the ringer who came out to give the Oakleafs the advantage to take the match: 10-year old Cameron Reaper laced-up the blades for the Oakleafs to give us that extra offensive edge to pull ahead of the Lions this year. Thanks, Cammy! Finally, I need to thank Corporal Darren (Daz) Jones from British Army Training Unit Suffield for helping to bring this event together and for sending me the pictures.

In closing, BATUS has been kind enough to invite the Oakleafs to the football pitch in Suffield for a soccer match. If they play like Englandís national team in the world cup we might have a shot, but sadly I fear the BATUS Lions are better than that and we will be on the receiving end of a proper beat down.

WO Tucker CT #18






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