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About Us

Our mission within the regimental family is to:

  • keep in touch with past members of the Calgary Highlanders and serve as the primary link
    between the Unit and its past members;

  • recognize the achievements of the Unit's soldiers;

  • co-ordinate annual reunions; and

  • support the Unit by operating a self-sustaining kit shop.

The Association is incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act, and is governed by our bylaws. Leadership is vested in a Board of Directors which is elected by members at the annual general meeting (AGM) held in April as part of the St. Julien's weekend.

Board of Directors (BoD) 2017-2018
President Reg Spratley
Vice-President Ken Clements
Secretary Flint Walters
Treasurer Elena Levenets (Associate Member)
Governance  Murray Harris
Director  Patrick K J Conlin
Director Wayne Stretch
Regt'l Pipes and Drums Representative Glenn Millage
Serving Members Representative Cpl Evan Bullock 

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