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Regimental Trophies of The Calgary Highlanders

The Calgary Highlanders have a number of Trophies, Awards and Competitions which are unique to the Regiment, and in addition to various Corps, Area and District competitions.  The majority are presented either by the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Association during the annual dinner, or at the Regimental Birthday reception.  Both are annual events taking place in April.

Ensign's Award

The Ensign's Award recognizes the "Most Proficient Junior Officer" in the Regiment, and is presented annually at the St. Julien's Dinner.


2015 - Lieutenent Jones
2013 - 2nd Lieutenant Van Caeyzeele
2012 - Captain Beauchamp
2011 - Lieutenant Andrew Pittet
2010 - 2nd Lieutenant J.M.P. Tremblay
2009 - Lieutenant Rysavy
2008 - Lieutenant Church

2006 - Captain R.C. Palmer
2005 - Lieutenant Beauchamp

2004 - Lieutenant Jason Heller
2003 - Lieutenant R.C. Palmer
2002 - 2nd Lieutenant Beauchamp

Sergeant Miller Trophy

This award is competed for annually by the Master Warrant Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants of the unit, and was named in honour of Sergeant Frank Miller, a signals sergeant with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.   Sergeant Miller was killed during the summer of 1976 while training with his unit - the Regiment's affiliate unit in the British Army - at British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS).

sergeantmillertrophy.jpg (51625 bytes)

The Sergeant Miller Trophy is presented to the "Most Proficient Master Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer or Sergeant" serving in the Calgary Highlanders.  Selection is made by the Commanding Officer, RSM, DCO and the OCs of the companies.  The awardee has his name engraved on the trophy and is presented a pewter miniature of an Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders soldier.  The presentation is made annually at the St. Julien's Dinner.


2015 - Sergeant Staniowski
2013 - Sergeant Gaisford
2012 - Master Warrant Officer Fedoruk
2011 - Master Warrant Officer Tucker
2010 - Warrant Officer S.D.T. Fletcher
2009 - Warrant Officer Jim MacDonald
2008 - Sergeant Steve Klein
2006 - Sergeant Paul Holland
2005 - Sergeant Chris Tucker

2004 - Sergeant Chris Tucker
2003 - Warrant Officer James R. MacDonald
2002 - Master Warrant Officer Michael McIntee
2001 - Sergeant Jason Calvert

2000 - Warrant Officer Glenn G Fedoruk
1999 - Sergeant Paul Reaper
1998 - Sergeant Paul Reaper
1997 - Sergeant Martin G Woods
1996 - Sergeant Tyrone R Duncan
1995 - Sergeant Paul Reaper

Sergeant Klein, presented with the Miller Trophy at the 2009 St. Julien's Dinner by Floyd Rourke, DCM.

WO McDonald, presented the award for 2009 at the 2010 St. Julien's Dinner, in the Jr. Ranks Mess

Waterhouse Memorial Award

Warrant Officer Bruce Waterhouse was a long time soldier of the Calgary Highlanders, who served a tour with the affiliate regiment in Northern Ireland.  He was noted for his large stature and a tough but compassionate personality.  He passed away suddenly and tragically in 1990.

The Waterhouse Memorial Award is presented each year on the Regimental Birthday (the Wednesday night parade closest to 1 April) to the most deserving member of the Regiment as determined by the Warrant Officers of The Calgary Highlanders.  The soldier shows both personal traits and military skills which, in the opinion of the Warrant Officers of the Regiment, represent the best characteristics of a Highland soldier.

The trophy itself is a wooden plaque in the shape of the Trades Badge for an Infantryman.  The centrepiece of the plaque is the actual FN C1 Bayonet carried by WO Waterhouse during the Queen's Parade in 1990.

waterhouse2.jpg (26795 bytes)

waterhousetrophy.jpg (40910 bytes)


2015 - Sergeant S. Wagg
2013 - none selected
2012 - Sergeant Moore
2011 - Sergeant Schmidt
2010 - Corporal K. Knight
2009 - Master Corporal Rob W. Jackson
2008 - Corporal Gaisford
2007 - none selected
2006 - none selected
2005 - Master Corporal Cody Martin

2004 - Corporal Jamie Moreau
2003 - Master Corporal Michael MacKillop
2002 - Master Corporal Avelino
2001 - Sergeant Gerald Downey
2000 - Corporal Peters
1999 - Corporal Wagg
1998 - Master Warrant Officer Byron E Fletcher
1997 - Corporal Rob W Jackson
1996 - Master Corporal George McGeachie
1995 - Corporal Simon Savage


waterhouse2006.jpg (24449 bytes)

mackillop.jpg (7620 bytes)
Master Corporal Rob Jackson
Master Corporal Cody Martin

Master Corporal MacKillop

avelino.jpg (6681 bytes) peters.jpg (4769 bytes) mcgeachie.jpg (5454 bytes)
Master Corporal Avelino

Corporal Peters

Master Corporal McGeachie

Overseas Battalion Award

This award is presented annually at the St. Julien's Dinner to the "Best Junior NCO in a Combat Arms Role" and recognizes proficiency and dedication among the corporals and master corporals employed in the rifle platoons.


2015 - Corporal R.J. Green
2013 - Master Corporal Bullock
2012 - Master Corporal Buckley
2011 - Master Corporal L.T. Moore
2010 - Corporal Van Zandt
2009 - Corporal Li
2008 - Corporal Phil Bialek
2006 - Corporal Christian Poonwah
2005 - Master Corporal Kenney

2004 - Master Corporal Mike Kotuk
2003 - Master Corporal Kelly Herbert
2002 - Master Corporal Michael MacKillop
2001 - Master Corporal Michael MacKillop
1996 - Corporal Jamie Moreau

moreau3.jpg (7854 bytes)
Corporal Moreau

Lieutenant Colonel Spaan "Soldier of Excellence" Award

While serving as Commanding Officer of the Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Warren Spaan instituted this award for the most deserving Junior Rank, as selected by private ballot from among their peers.  This award is presented each April at the St. Julien's Dinner.


2015 - Corporal Abboud
2013 - none selected
2012 - Corporal Davis
2011 - Corporal (Y)
2010 - unknown
2009 - Master Corporal Gaisford
2008 - Master Corporal Rob Jackson
2006 - Corporal Christian Poonwah
2005 - Corporal Matt Bird

2004 - Corporal Patton
2003 - Private Will Emslie
2002 - Corporal T.J. Toussaint
2001 - Corporal Kris Dodd

MCpl Gaisford

Maxim MG08

This trophy, given out to the top candidate on regimentally run Machine Gun Courses, is currently situated in the Junior Ranks Mess.  The centrepiece of the award is an actual German Maxim '08 Machine Gun.  This gun was captured by a Calgary battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War, and returned to the City after the War as a souvenir.  It is not known precisely which Battalion captured the gun, but it was considered a fitting display piece.

mgtrophy.jpg (64090 bytes)


Private FW Gillis, Top Machine Gunner, Qualification Level 4 MG Course 9801
Corporal WS Klein, Top Machine Gunner, Qualification Level 4 MG Course 9603

Justice J.V.H. Milvain Cup

This award is presented annually to recognize the "Most Proficient Junior Rank in a Non-Combat Role" and in years past a wide variety of soldiers in the Regiment have been eligible, including those from the Medical Branch (medics), Logistics Branch (storesmen, finance clerks, Resource Management Support clerks), Administration Branch (administration clerks), Communications Branch (signallers) and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (weapons techs, vehicle techs).  Members of the Pipes and Drums have not been eligible for this award. The presentation is made annually at the St. Julien's Dinner.


2015 - Corporal Wang
2013 - Master Corporal Irwin
2012 - Master Corporal Daphne ter Kuile
2011 - Sergeant Michael Arnott
2010 - Corporal W. Chen
2009 - Corporal Beck
2008 - Corporal Green
2006 - Lance Corporal Beatty (British Army exchange)
2005 - Corporal Michael A. Dorosh

2004 - Corporal Michael A. Dorosh
2003 - Corporal Michael A. Dorosh
2002 - Corporal T.J. Toussaint
2001 - Corporal Michael A. Dorosh
2000 - Master Corporal Bernadette Myslicki
1999 - Master Corporal Michelle Fernie
1998 - Master Corporal Lisa Schorse
        1997 - Master Corporal Wendy G. Kehoe
1996 - Corporal Lee S. Holman
1995 - Private Angie R. Reid
1994 - Master Corporal Steve Dean
1993 - Corporal M.E. Hansen

1992 - Corporal Kevin S. Winfield
1991 - Master Corporal Tammy L. Featherstone
1990 - Master Corporal Cindy T. Greenough
1989 - Corporal Tammy L. Featherstone
1988 - Corporal D.J. Szabo
1987 - Corporal Dennis P. ("Denny") Russell
1986 - Corporal R.D.D. Cormack
1985 - Master Corporal C.A. Bonneville
1984 - Corporal L.J. Obermeyer
1983 - Corporal L.G. Glass
1982 - Private L.G. Grimmon

dorosh4.jpg (19260 bytes)

dorosh2005.jpg (6414 bytes)

dorosh2.jpg (6911 bytes)

Corporal Green

Corporal Dorosh

Corporal Dorosh

Corporal Dorosh

schoerse.JPG (4738 bytes) holman.jpg (8287 bytes) dean.jpg (6799 bytes)

winnie.jpg (6988 bytes)

Master Corporal Schorse

Corporal Holman

Master Corporal Dean

Corporal Winfield

Colonel J.F. Scott Memorial Cup

Named for the first Commanding Officer of the overseas battalion in the Second World War, this trophy - also awarded annually at the St. Julien's Dinner - recognizes the top athlete in the Regiment.


2015 - Corporal Abboud
2013 - Corporal Holloway
2012 - Corporal Keen
2011 - Corporal (Y)
2010 - Corporal P.D. Bialek
2009 - Private Anderson
2008- Master Corporal Rob Jackson
2006 - Lieutenant Braybrook
2005 - Captain Simon Cox

2004 - Corporal Cody Martin
2003 - Sergeant Chris Tucker
2002 - Private Costin

tucker2.jpg (9413 bytes)  

Sergeant Tucker


Lieutenant Colonel P.F. Hughes Cup

Named for the Commanding Officer who presented the Cup to the Regiment, this award is given annually to the "Most Dedicated Bandsman" and is eligible to all members of the Regimental Pipes and Drums.  The trophy has been awarded to civilian members of the Pipes and Drums since 2001, following the reclassification of the band as a non-publicly funded volunteer organization. The presentation is made annually at the St. Julien's Dinner.


2015 - Maj (ret.) Paul Ritchie
2013 - Corporal Ponte
2012 - Corporal Drummond
2011 - Pipe Major George Shears
2010 - Drummer Bill O'Neil
2009 - Piper Summers
2008 - Corporal Perry Andress
2005 - Private Malcolm Odell

2004 - Piper Don Greenough
2003 - Drummer Ian Michaluk
2002 - Drum Major Jim Stewart
2001 - Drummer Melanie Smith
1994 - Warrant Officer Kent Griffiths
1993 - Private Michael McAdam
1992 - Corporal Jody M. Marchuk
1991 - Corporal Robert J. Cater
1990 - Master Corporal Keith A. McFarquhar
1989 - Private W.E. ("Bill") Kelso

1988 - Private Michael A. Dorosh
1987 - Private Douglas K. Hamilton
1986 - Private David T. Anderson
1985 - Sergeant Brian S. King
1984 - Sergeant A.J. ("Tony") Northan
1983 - Corporal Lloyd J. Martens
1982 - Master Corporal Ian J.R. Still
1981 - Private Hugh B. Allen
1980 - Warrant Officer Robert W. Henderson
michaluk.jpg (6560 bytes) dorosh.jpg (9955 bytes) anderson.jpg (7352 bytes)
Drummer Michaluk
Private Dorosh
Private Anderson

Chief Warrant Officer Marty McCumber Award

Named in honour of Chief Warrant Officer Martin McCumber, MMM, CD, this award is presented annually at the St. Julien's Dinner to recognize "Outstanding Service to the Regiment (Military or Civilian)."


2015 - CWO E. Kelly
2013 - LCol (ret.) Mike Vernon, CD
2012 - Denis Mascardelli (Association President)
2011 - Captain Ken Nettleton (Regimental Padre)
2010 - Captain P.J. Boyle, CD, ADeC
2009 - Captain MacReynolds (Regimental Adjutant)
2008 - Warrant Officer Gerald Downey, CD
2006 - Mrs. Sharon Lalonde
2005 - Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Lynn Moffat, OMM, CD

2004 - Maria Emslie
2003 - The Ladies Auxiliary - Deirdre Spaan, Helen McCumber, Shelley Russell
2002 - Sergeant Dennis Russell
1996 - Drum Major James Stewart

Helen McCumber presents the CWO Marty McCumber award to WO Gerald Downey at the 2009 St. Julien's Dinner.

stewart2.jpg (8680 bytes)

russell.jpg (28165 bytes)

Commanding Officer Lieutenant RJ Goebel, CD, presents the trophy to Drum Major James Stewart at the 1997 St. Julien's Dinner.

Shelley Russell - wife of Sergeant "Denny" Russell - performing one of the many services the Ladies Auxiliary provide the Regiment; presenting an education bursary to Corporal Murray Harris, Remembrance Day 1996.

Ian Still Memorial Cup

Instituted in 1988, this trophy goes to the "Best Piper", as judged by such criteria as dedication, attendance, initiative, dress, deportment and musical ability.  The cup is named for piper Ian Still, an engineer from Scotland who had previously played for the RCEME Regiment Pipe Band in Lethbridge, Alberta.  When the Regiment was reduced, Captain Still transferred to Calgary and hid his commission when he joined the Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders.  He retired as a Master Corporal in 1983, suffering a massive stroke soon after, and passed away in 1988.  This award was presented privately at Pipes and Drums functions.


1993 - Private Ryan Jones
1992 - Private David J. Hongisto
1990 - Private Jody Marchuk
1991 - Master Corporal Keith A. McFarquhar
1989 - Master Corporal Doug K. Hamilton
1988 - Private Jane Dorman

trophystill.jpg (33808 bytes)

Private Jane Dorman was an accomplished piper from Manchester, England, and though certainly not the first female piper in the history of the band, one of the prominent players at a time when female membership in pipe bands - military or civil - often raised eyebrows.   Among her military accomplishments were graduation from Basic Military Training and General Military Training in 1988.  Private Dorman left the band after the Queen's Parade in 1990.

Master Corporal Doug Hamilton was a product of the Canadian Cadet system, and an accomplished player in military bands in Manitoba.  He assumed the position of Pipe Sergeant before the Queen's Parade in 1990, and subsequently attained the rank of Sergeant.  He transferred to the Nova Scotia Highlanders in the early 1990s.   Sergeant Hamilton was also a prolific composer of original pipe music.

Private Jody Marchuk
was also a product of the Cadet system, receiving his initial music training in 2137 (Calgary Highlanders) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.  He finished all six levels of trades training in the Canadian Forces music system in extremely short order, transferring to the Canadian Military Engineers as a Master Corporal when the Pipes and Drums were reduced to Volunteer status in 1994.  Marchuk was later appointed Pipe Major during a brief return to the Regiment in 2002.

Master Corporal Keith McFarquhar began life as a young piper with the 78th Fraser Highlanders system, qualifying upon entry into the Militia as both a piper and an infantryman.  He assumed many responsibilities within the Pipes and Drums such as section leader as well as Band Quartermaster.  After the reduction of the band to volunteer status, he returned to the Regiment as a Weapons Technician in Administration Company.  He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration recognizing twelve years of service with the Canadian Forces, as well as being accepted into the Clan of the Gallant Canadians, both as a Clansman and later as a Henchman.

mcfarquhar.jpg (4892 bytes)
MCpl McFarquhar

Private David Hongisto was an experienced piper with many years of service in various pipe bands before joining the Calgary Highlanders.  In the years since his retirement he has remained part of the Regimental Family by his work with the Honourable Guard of the Museum of the Regiments, and most especially through his considerable talents as Regimental Tailor. 

Of Welsh descent, Private Ryan Jones was an avid piper and student of music, gaining mastery of several traditional methods of musical expression. 

Stewart-MacGregor Memorial Cup

The inspiration for the naming of the Stewart-MacGregor Memorial Cup is unclear at present (thought the webmaster recalls stories of "the good old days" when this double-barreled last name was used as the alter ego of many Regimental drummers bent on minor acts of mischief).  What is more clear are the criteria for this award; like the Ian Still Memorial Cup, the trophy (also instituted in 1988) was awarded to the "Best Drummer", judged by such criteria as dedication, attendance, initiative, dress, deportment and musical ability.  The award was presented privately at Pipes and Drums functions.


1993 - Private Peter Hendrickson
1992 - Corporal Lloyd J. Martens
1991 - Corporal Robert J. Cater
1990 - Corporal Lloyd J. Martens
1989 - Private Rob Nederlof
1988 - Private John Pietrovito

trophymac.jpg (38778 bytes)

Private John Pietrovito, a snare drummer, was an extremely skilled and fiercly competitive solo performer, as well as a composer of many regimental drum scores. pietrovito.jpg (3475 bytes)

Private Rob Nederlof was, like Jody Marchuk and Robert Cater, a product of the newly revived 2137 Cadet Pipes and Drums which were re-activated in 1986.  Nederlof, a tenor drummer, was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the drum corps.
nederlof.jpg (6149 bytes)

Corporal Lloyd J. Martens had belonged to the 2137 Cadet Pipes and Drums in the 1960s and held the position of Drum Sergeant in the Regimental Pipes and Drums at various times in the 1970s.  After a hiatus, he returned to the Regiment as a Corporal in the late 1980s and remained the senior side drummer until the pipe band was reduced to Volunteer status in 1994.  An accomplished side drummer, Martens was immensely popular with all members of the band, acting as mentor for young drummers in both regimental and cadet bands, and often setting the standard for musical performance and dress. After leaving the Calgary Highlanders, he became a prominent member of Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band, becoming an award-winning bass drummer in this world class organization.

martens2.jpg (4060 bytes)

No more avid snare drummer has ever picked up a drum than Private Peter Hendrickson, who gained mastery of his craft at a very early age.  His dedication to drumming has not been matched since and probably not before, in the history of the band.  Hendrickson has done well for himself as a competitor and instructor, and after leaving the Pipes and Drums after the switch to Voluntary status in 1994, has gone on to become the Lead Drummer for world class competitive pipe band Alberta Caledonia.  At right, Private Hendrickson photographed at the Canmore Highland Games in Canmore, Alberta on 6 September 1992, showing some the typical results of a day of competition for him.

hendrickson.jpg (3986 bytes)


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