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Current Awards:  Victoria Cross OMM/MMM MSM (Cdn) MiD    
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Calgary Highlanders on United Nations Missions

Note from the webmaster - these listings are very incomplete.  Over 200 Calgary Highlanders have served on UN and NATO missions since 1992.  The Regiment takes great pride in the personal sacrifices made by each and every soldier to have volunteered for these missions in the service of Peace.  If you are a Calgary Highlander and have served overseas, or know of anyone who is not listed here and should be, please contact the webmaster so that this list can be made as complete as possible. Please contact the webmaster at the address listed on the first page of this site and please include first name, last name, rank (at time of tour), name of mission, unit served with, name of OP/Roto # and approximate dates of service.  Corrections to the existing listing below are also gratefully accepted.

ribbonuntac.gif (1296 bytes)

UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC)

The mandate of this mission was To monitor the cease-fire in Cambodia, conduct naval patrols in the Gulf of Thailand approaches and major inland waterways such as the Kekong River, and provide mine awareness training. Canada began withdrawing its forces in September 1993 and most were gone by late October 1993. The last three were due to leave in December 1993.  The award was for 90 days service from March 1992 to December 1993, and a total of 475 awards were made, including one to a Calgary Highlander of the Unit Medical Section.

Corporal David J. Dirom

ribbonunprofor.gif (1281 bytes)

United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR)

After the United Nations revolved to mediate between warring factions in Croatia, Canadian officers began to be deployed to the former Yugoslavia.  The Vance agreement of 1992 provided the impetus for the United Nations Protection Force to be deployed.  Their mandate was to "conduct security patrols, establish checkpoints, provide route maintenance, clear minefields and construct and maintain shelters in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina."

The Canadian contribution to this force was called Operation HARMONY, and was deployed from 1992 to 1995.  The forces involved in this Operation rotated on a regular basis, each Rotation ("Roto") involving new units, and new opportunities for reservists to participate.  Medals were presented to any soldier serving at least 90 days in theatre, though the standard tour was six months, with a comparable period spent in Canada doing full-time work up training with the Roto unit pre-deployment.

Calgary Highlanders were involved in the earliest rotos.

Roto 1 consisted of 860 personnel from 3 PPCLI and 1 Combat Engineer Regiment.   Included on this roto were:

Master Corporal Fabio Lacentra
Corporal Sean Boomer
Corporal Rob Bruce

Corporal Cody Campbell
Corporal James Cox
Corporal Chris Estabrooks
Corporal Walt Fritz
Corporal J.P. Jenasak
Corporal Bruce Keen

Corporal Kevin Mack
Corporal Sean Mooney
Corporal Jamie Moreau
Corporal Josh Pullen
Corporal Mike "Conan" Robinson

Corporal Chuck Spooner
Private Christopher Tucker
Private Colin Damron
Private Chad Hyslop

Private Steve Welsh
Private Will "Turkey Neck" VanEyke


moreau2.jpg (11995 bytes) Corporal Jamie Moreau on Roto 1, doing Gate Guard duty

Roto 2, in the summer of 1993, consisted of 878 personnel from 2 PPCLI and had approximately 30 to 40 percent of its personnel drawn from various Militia Regiments.  Calgary Highlanders on this roto are shown at right.

schoenfeldt.jpg (21517 bytes)
Private Erwin "Juan" Schoenfeldt receving his UNPROFOR medal from Honorary Colonel Fred Mannix in Pacrac, Croatia, 1993

govgen.jpg (1762 bytes) In 2002, Her Excellency Governor General Adrienne Clarkson introduced the Commander In Chief's Unit Commendation.
The first presentation of this award was made to all members who were on strength of the Battle Group during the Medak Pocket fighting.
Rank Name Subunit
Sergeant William McCleave 3 Platoon
Sergeant Rob Stratton 2 Platoon
Sergeant Robert Smith  
Master Corporal Doug Chudleigh  
Master Corporal Paul Reaper 3 Platoon
Corporal Cory Bardos 2 Platoon
Corporal Alex Campbell 2 Platoon
Corporal Adam Dickens Served as a company medic
Corporal Dave Jaeger 3 Platoon
Corporal Paul Nichols 1 Platoon
Corporal Mike Owens 2 Platoon
Corporal Kelly Perich Recce
Corporal Simon Savage 2 Platoon
Corporal Craig Shaw 3 Platoon
Corporal Chris (Cheese) Smith  
Corporal Kurtis Sanheim 2 Platoon
Corporal Norm Stretch 2 Platoon
Corporal Sheldon Wagg 2 Platoon, then TOW Platoon
Corporal Martin Woods 3 Platoon
Private Boomhower 2 Platoon
Private Seriak Davies 1 Platoon
Private Martin Olechno 3 Platoon
Private Jaymie Read 3 Platoon
Private Erwin (Juan) Schoenfeldt 3 Platoon
Private Darren Thompson 3 Platoon

 The 2 PPCLI BG is awarded the commendation for courageous and professional execution of duty during the MEDAK POCKET Operation in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia in September 1993. Under conditions of extreme peril and hazard, facing enemy artillery, small arms and heavy machine gun fire as well as anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, the members of 2 PPCLI BG held their ground and drove the Croatian forces back. Their exemplary actions caused the Croatian Army to cease their ongoing tactics of "ethnic cleansing" in the sector, without question saving many innocent civilian lives.

The original presentation ceremony for this award was made in Winnipeg on 1 December 2002 after almost ten years after the fact.   At that time, only five of the 27 Calgary Highlanders eligible for the award were able to attend the ceremony.  Others have since received their award from the unit.   More information on this award can be found on the DEU page under "Regimental Dress".

Roto 4 in October 1994 included

Sergeant Dave Parry
Sergeant Flint Walters

Master Corporal Jeff Johnston
Master Corporal Chuck Spooner

Corporal Rob Bruce

Corporal Alex Campbell
Corporal Chris Estabrooks
Corporal Christian McEachern
(pictured left)
Corporal Mike Smith
Private D. Finlay
Private Richard Weiss

Roto 7 (September 2000 - April 2001) included, serving with 2 PPCLI,

Sergeant Terry Afflick
Corporal Dino Avelino
Corporal Kelly Herbert
Corporal McGillis

Corporal Mik Morton-Popiel
Private Ken Price


Other Calgary Highlanders who either did not serve directly on a Roto, or for whom information is incomplete at the present time, include:

Major RJ (Rick) Goebel, CD
(For service with the Operations staff at UNPROFOR Headquarters, the personnel staff of Bosnia-Herzegovina Command, and the Operations and Communications Staff of Sector South between May 1993 and July 1994.)

Captain Mike Ter Kuile
Master Corporal Tamara Featherstone

Corporal Jeff Fearey
Corporal Teena Schneider
Corporal Michael Smith
Corporal Tim Walshaw
Private Josh Pullen

ribbonundof.gif (1239 bytes)

United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)

UNDOF was established in June 1974 to supervise the cease-fire between Israel and Syria; to supervise the disengagement (redeployment) of Syrian and Israeli forces; and, to establish a buffer zone, as provided in the Agreement on Disengagement between Israeli and Syrian Forces of 31 May 1974. Ninety days service was the qualifying time for award of the medal.

Sergeant Brian S. King
Norm Rodgers

ribbonunefme.gif (1147 bytes)

United Nations Emergency Force Middle East (UNEFME)

Following the Yom Kippur War in October 1973 (with Egypt and Syria against Israel), UNEFME (sometimes called UNEF II) was created to ensure that the terms of the cease-fire were followed.  This award was for 90 days service between 26 October 1973 and 24 July 1979.  There have been 11,500 medals issued to Canadians for service on this mission.

Bruce Anderson

mideast.gif (8103 bytes)

ribbonunficyp.gif (1116 bytes)

United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)


UNFICYP was established to prevent a Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1964 and to keep the peace between the Greek-Cypriot (78% of population) and Turkish-Cypriot (18% of population) factions.  Thirty days service was required between 27 March 1964 and 27 March 1965 to qualify for the medal, with the requirement boosted to ninety days service after 27 March 1965.

There were 33,000 Medals issued to Canadians between 1964 and July 1993 (515 per rotation 1985-1989 and 575 per rotation 1989-1993). There have been 21 Canadians killed on duty in Cyprus.

cyprus.gif (3901 bytes)

Canadian Forces rotations have included

Aug 87 - Mar 88 5e Régiment d'Artillerie Légère du Canada
Mar 88 - Aug 88 3 PPCLI
Aug 88 - Mar 89 Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
Mar 89 - Sept 89 Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD)
Sept 89 - Mar 90 1 RCR
Mar 90 - Aug 90 2 PPCLI
Aug 90 - Mar 91 12e Règiment Blindé du Canada
Mar 91 - Aug 91 1 PPCLI
Aug 91 - Mar 92 2 RCR
Mar 92 - Aug 92 3 R22eR
Aug 92 - Feb 93 1 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA)
Feb 93 - Jun 93 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA)

During Roto 49 (March 1988 - September 1988), conducted by 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, two Calgary Highlanders served; Corporal Dave Parry and Corporal Ramil Vitug. This tour was the first to take reservists in large numbers (approximately two platoons worth), though most of the officers and NCOs were Regular Force. (Thank you to Captain John Weingardt for providing this information to the Regiment in December 2010.)

The September 1989 Roto (Roto 52 of OP Snowgoose) was completed by 1 RCR and included:

Corporal Dave Melcher

The March 1991 Roto (Roto 55 of OP Snowgoose) included the following Calgary Highlanders:

Corporal Jamie Moreau
Corporal Michael McAdam
Corporal Michael Smith

Roto 58 of Operation Snowgoose was the last six month tour by a Canadian unit on Cyprus.  Serving with 2 RCHA on that tour was:

Corporal Dave Melcher

Other members of the Regiment known to have served in UNFICYP at various times have included:

Gord Campbell
Corporal Jeff Fearey

ribbonunmogip.gif (2599 bytes)

United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP)

The United Nations Military Observer Group in India & Pakistan (UNMOGIP) was established in 1948 to observe the cease-fire line and determine violations between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir area.  This was the first United Nations Peacekeeping mission.  Some 501 medals have been issued for six months service between 20 January 1948 and 20 January 1979.  A Calgary Highlander was one of the first members of this mission.

Major Stu Moore

moore.jpg (7261 bytes)

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