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Current Awards:  Victoria Cross OMM/MMM MSM (Cdn) MiD    
Former Awards: Imp.Honours & Foreign DSO MC DCM MSM (Brit) MM 
Service Awards: United Nations NATO Foreign Volunteer Long  
Commemoratives: Confederation Jubilee Provincial      
ribbonmsm.gif (956 bytes) British Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

From 1902 to 1916, this medal was awarded only after discharge to any senior NCO (sergeant or warrant officer) who had earned the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and had served for 21 years (or 18 years if disabled).  The award was limited to just 40 who could wear it at any time and was a recognition of valuable and meritorious service.

ribbonmsm1.gif (1059 bytes)  

In 1916, white stripes were added to the ribbon to distinguish it further from the Victoria Cross ribbon (which was the same crimson colour but also had a miniature of the VC attached to the ribbon).  All non-commissioned ranks were also made eligible for the award.

The conditions for the award were also changed, to include those soldiers "duly recommended... in respect of gallant conduct in the performance of military duty otherwise than in action against the enemy, or in saving, or attempting to save the life of an officer or soldier, or for devotion to duty in a theatre of war."

ribbonmsm2.gif (1117 bytes)  

In 1917, a central white stripe was added to the ribbon.

In 1928, the gallantry portion of the award was cancelled, as the British Empire Medal served that purpose instead.

There were 275 awards for service, and 1430 for gallantry.

The following awards were made to members of the 10th Battalion, CEF.  Posthumous awards are highlighted in grey.

First World War 1914-1918

Rank/Appointment Name Date of Action Location Other Awards Notes
Sergeant Major Baker, Herbert        
Sergeant Major Murray, George        
Sergeant Major Rayfield, Edmond        
Sergeant Major Wilson, Matthew        
Sergeant Campbell, John        
Sergeant Doig, Charles        
Sergeant Hardwick, Ralph        
Sergeant Jacobs, Sidney        
Sergeant McDonald, Angus        
Sergeant McNiven, Charles        
Sergeant Thompson, Robson        
Sergeant Vincent, George        
Sergeant Washford, Harry        
Sergeant Winning, James        
Corporal Menzies, William        
Corporal Simpson, Herbert        
Corporal McTurk, James        
Corporal Morris, Denis        

The award was replaced in 1972 by other awards in the Canadian Honours System, and eventually a Canadian Meritorious Service medal was instituted.

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