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Current Awards:  Victoria Cross OMM/MMM MSM (Cdn) MiD    
Former Awards: Imp.Honours & Foreign DSO MC DCM MSM (Brit) MM 
Service Awards: United Nations NATO Foreign Volunteer Long  
Commemoratives: Confederation Jubilee Provincial      

Medals for Volunteer Service (War and Peace)

ribboncpsm.gif (1231 bytes)

Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal

The Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (abbreviated CPSM, though this medal does not entitle the holder to a post-nominal title) was announced on 29 June 2000, and continues to be awarded to Canadians who have been deployed outside Canada on peacekeeping or observer missions, as part of a United Nations or International Force, for a minimum of 30 days (not necessarily consecutive). Eligible recipients include personnel of the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, other police services, and civilians serving with these forces.

cpsm.jpg (6245 bytes)

All Calgary Highlanders to have qualified for this award should have received one.  Any soldier, past or present, who is entitled but has not been presented with this award is urged to call the toll free number provided by the Department of National Defence for the purpose of taking applications: 1-(877)-741-8333. More information on applying for awards can be found at the Directorate of History and Heritage website at

ribbonckor.gif (1112 bytes)

Canadian Korea Medal

Awarded to Canadian military personnel for one day on the strength of an army unit in Korea; or 28 days afloat; or one sortie over Korea by a member of the RCAF, betwen 2 July 1950 and 27 July 1953.   While the Calgary Highlanders did not deploy to Korea, many Second World War veterans did volunteer for service there and number among the more than 15,000 Canadian service personnel eligible for this award.

Lance Corporal Floyd Rourke, DCM, who received the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his actions at Gruppen Buhren in April 1945 while serving with the Calgary Highlanders, was one such WW II veteran who volunteered for further service in Korea.  Other Korean War veterans came to the Highlanders in later years; Chief Warrant Officer Bill Toews, CD, who served as Regimental Sergeant Major of The Calgary Highlanders in the late 1980s, had served with the PPCLI in Korea.

ribbonkcoroleaf.gif (1695 bytes)

While there is no bar to this medal, a bronze oak leaf emblem is worn on the ribbon by those mentioned-in-despatches. The RCN received 33 MIDs and the Canadian Army 248 MIDs.

ribboncvsm.gif (1167 bytes)

Canadian Volunteer Service Medal

The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (often abbreviated to CVSM, this medal did not grant a post-nominal to the holder) was granted to any Canadian who volunteered for Active service in any of the three services (sea, land or air), and honourably completed eighteen months of serviced between 3 September 1939 and 1 March 1947.

Additional information and a list of qualifing areas of service are available from the Honours and Awards Section, Veterans Affairs Canada, 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4.

ribboncvsmbar.gif (1524 bytes)

A silver bar (also referred to as a clasp in reference to this specific award) was awarded for 60 days service outside Canada.  A silver maple leaf is worn on the ribbon in undress.

The medal was established on 22 October 1943 and only the ribbon was issued during the war, with issues of the medal following the cessation of hostilities.

There were 1,183,000 men and women of the three Canadian services eligible, with 650,000 medals and 525,500 bars awarded.  Every Calgary Highlander to see action in the Northwest European campaign would have no doubt been qualified for this medal, with the exception of some replacements late in the war who lacked the necessary time requirement.

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