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Current Awards:  Victoria Cross OMM/MMM MSM (Cdn) MiD    
Former Awards: Imp.Honours & Foreign DSO MC DCM MSM (Brit) MM 
Service Awards: United Nations NATO Foreign Volunteer Long  
Commemoratives: Confederation Jubilee Provincial      

Calgary Highlanders on Foreign Service

Note from the webmaster - these listings are very incomplete.  Over 200 Calgary Highlanders have served on UN and NATO missions since 1992.  The Regiment takes great pride in the personal sacrifices made by each and every soldier to have volunteered for these missions in the service of Peace.  If you are a Calgary Highlander and have served overseas, or know of anyone who is not listed here and should be, please contact the webmaster so that this list can be made as complete as possible. Please contact the webmaster at the address listed on the first page of this site and please include first name, last name, rank (at time of tour), name of mission, unit served with, name of OP/Roto # and approximate dates of service.  Corrections to the existing listing below are also gratefully accepted.

ribbongcs.gif (1141 bytes) General Campaign Star

The General Campaign Star (GCS) is awarded to members of the Canadian Forces and members of allied forces working with the Canadian Forces who deploy into a defined theatre of operations to take part in operations in the presence of an armed enemy. The GCS is always issued with a ribbon specific to the theatre or type of service being recognized, and each ribbon has its own criteria. (The medal was originally issued with bars to indicate specific theatre/service).The medal (with applicable ribbon or bar) has been issued to retroactively commemorate service in the air operations over Kosovo in 1999, as well as (with a different coloured ribbon and separate bar) the campaign in Afghanistan in 2001-2014.

The main colours of the ribbon are red and white (the official colours of Canada as appointed by King George V in 1921) with the ribbon for South-west Asia having a green centre representing service.

Calgary Highlanders who have received this award while members of the Regiment include:

Warrant Officer Martin Woods - Warrant Officer Martin Woods served with the National Command Element of Canadian forces in Afghanistan from Aug 2005 to Jan 2006.

Master Corporal Steve Malenfant

ribbonswasm.gif (1626 bytes) South West Asia Service Medal

The South-West Asia Service Medal is awarded for a minimum of 90 days cumulative service in direct support of operations against terrorism in South West Asia from 11 September 2001 to 31 July 2009. Direct support occurs when a member is deployed to a unit or organization outside Canada but not into a specific theatre of operations, and where his or her primary duty is to provide direct assistance on a full-time basis to the operations against terrorism in South-West Asia.

Warrant Officer Martin Woods

Warrant Officer Martin Woods served with the National Command Element of Canadian forces in Afghanistan from Aug 2005 to Jan 2006.

Lieutenant Colonel Warren Spaan

Lieutenant Colonel Warren Spaan, Commanding Officer from 1999 to 2002, was awarded the South West Asia Service Medal (SWASM) with Afghanistan bar, for his service on Op ATHENA, Roto 2.  The medal was presented in Camp Julien, the Canadian camp in Kabul, on 4 Feb 2005 by the Task Force Commander, Colonel Jim Ellis.  This medal recognized service with the Headquarters of Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan (CFC-A), the U.S. led coalition serving there (as opposed to ISAF, the NATO led force). 

spaanswasm.jpg (30353 bytes) spaanswasm2.jpg (28686 bytes)

ribbonesdp.gif (1060 bytes) European Security and Defence Policy Service Medal
Captain McLean was also awarded the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) service medal.  The European Union (EU) awards the ESDP service medal for 30 days’ continuous service on a designated EU-led crisis management operation. The medal is always awarded with a bar identifying the operation being recognized. Bars have been created recognizing service on the European Union-led: police mission (EUPM) in Bosnia, since January 1,2003;as well as military operation ARTEMIS in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from June 12 to September 1, 2003 (CF Operation CARAVAN); military operation CONCORDIA in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, from March 31 to December 15, 2003 (CF Op FUSION); police mission PROXIMA in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, from December 15, 2003, and European Union Force (ALTHEA) in Bosnia-Herzegovina from December 2, 2004 (CF Op BOREAS). 

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