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Fatal Casualties among Calgary Highlanders on the 30 June 1944 "A" Company Establishment

The following is an examination of fatal casualties suffered by the members of "A" Company listed on the roster on 30 June 1944 (i.e. at the start of the Northwest Europe campaign). Fatal casualties are indicated by a highlighted background below.  All fatal casualties indicated on this list were serving as Calgary Highlanders at the time of their loss; it is not known if they were still in "A" Company. It is known that at least one casualty below was serving in a different company at the time of his loss. 

Brief notes on the fates of others is given where known.  Rank on 30 June 1944 is at left, and at time of death or release from service at right.

  On strength 30 June 1944 Of those on strength on 30 June 1944, number of fatalities % fatal casualties
Officers 5 2 40
NCOs 26 6 23
Men 79 25 31
Total 110 33 30

Wounded men have not been indicated on the tables below.

Company Headquarters

Major John Campbell

Killed in Action 8 February 1945
Major, Commanding "C" Company

Captain Ross L. Ellis
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the battalion as well as 5th Brigade after hostilities ceased.

WO II N.S. Lawson

Died of wounds, 18 July 1944
Company Sergeant Major

Staff Sergeant J. Downie

Private AM Cathro  
Private F Robson  
Private CA Bailey  
Private JH Third  
Private J Harasymiw  
Private Michael Sherbaniuk Killed in Action 22 September 1944
Private A Williams  
Corporal J Farley  
Private A. Tink  
Private JE Chambers  
Private HM Mathews  
Private FA Victor  

Number Seven Platoon

Lieutenant F Boruck


Sergeant Russell De Forest  Hudson

Killed in Action 19 July 1944
Lance Corporal Ivan Massey Heath Killed in Action 25 July 1944
Lance Corporal
Private WD Beggs  
Private KI Voth  
Private W Morris  
Private M Grypuik  

Number 1 Section

Corporal W Wyatt

Lance Corporal CE Anderson  
Private Eric J Weinheimer Killed in Action 19 July 1944
Private AT Soloway  
Private Edwin Leslie Wyatt Killed in Action 12 August 1944
Private PR Baerwald  
Private B Amundson Killed in Action 8 September1944
Private FAR Thompson  
Private RV Guerard  
Private JP Rosenberger Killed in Action 11 September 1944

Number 2 Section

Corporal NR Sadler

Lance Corporal William John Anderson Killed in Action 22 September 1944
Lance Sergeant
Private Harry Kiltau Killed in Action 25 July 1944
Private N Chalack  
Private Stanley Graham Nichols Killed in Action 25 July 1944
Private Gordon Albert Elleaas Died of Wounds 8 September1944
Private WJA Vigue  
Private A Huitt  
Private LC Cripps  
Private Leslie Shave Killed in Action 11 September 1944

Number 3 Section

Lance Corporal WG Sutherland  
Private HG Ezeard  
Private Gerald Bruce Cowan Killed in Action 27 July 1944
Private DL Munday Killed in Action 25 July 1944
Private F Arnston Killed in Action 14 August 1944
Private B Odenbach  
Private WW McDonald  
Private RF Rappel  
Private JA Watson  
Number Eight Platoon

Lieutenant MB Wood


Sergeant Ian Keith McMechan Killed in Action 25 October 1944
Lance Corporal A Peressini  
Private Joseph Charles Anderson Killed in Action 1 August 1944
Private AD Penston  
Private EH Cogan  
Private FE Costello  

Number 4 Section

Corporal McMurray, JA

Lance Corporal WL Christianson  
Private S Kolomi  
Private CG Patriquin  
Private IE Price  
Private A Kanik  
Private JW Clisby  
Private Arthur Hugh Annett Killed in Action 31 July 1944
Private RL Kellie  
Private FW Chastney  

Number 5 Section

Corporal M Melnechuk  
Lance Corporal E Flint  
Private LJ Poitras  
Private Primo Maniago 1 August 1944
Private W Judd  
Private BT Evans  
Private FO Rourke  
Private MG Moon  
Private OE Olson  
Private E Whitlam  

Number 6 Section

Corporal RL Parkins  
Lance Corporal FJ Culver  
Private Victor Meryl Van-Tine Killed in Action 1 August 1944
Acting Lance Corporal
Private Victor Joshua Brailsford Killed in Action 1 August 1944
Private WR Cottam  
Private JC Lewandowski  
Private W Kale  
Private A Frechette  
Private William Alexander Fyfe 12 August 1944
Private AR Byttymen  
Number Nine Platoon

Lieutenant Robert Louis Morgan-Dean

Killed in Action 26 August 1944

Sergeant FL Bounds Killed in Action 8 August 1944
Acting Company Sergeant Major
Lance Corporal LJ Gosling


Private JR Ireland  
Private BL Whitehead  
Private A Patterson  

Number 7 Section

Corporal TC Elliott  
Lance Corporal CA Barstow  
Private William Morrison Killed in Action 13 August 1944
Private Marshall W Watts Killed in Action 18 July 1944
Private Donald Clark Killed in Action 1 August 1944
Private HH Dressler  
Private HH Walker  
Private AR Suprenant Died of Wounds 1 August 1944
Private HR Kerr  
Private JL Tomi  

Number 8 Section

Corporal RM Cunningham  
Lance Corporal TF Oakes  
Private William Mathew Bruce Cook Killed in Action 29 August 1944
Lance Corporal
Private WJ Hodge  
Private PM Demerse  
Private CE Cooper  
Private EC Langley  
Private LF Buker  
Private CJ Read  
Private A Donaldson  

Number 9 Section

Corporal JJ Fife  
Lance Corporal EA Voth  
Private Charles Leslie Sheeler Killed in Action 25 October 1944
Private JG McDonald  
Private JW Fischer  
Private N McTaggart  
Private Erling James Kellington Killed in Action 25 July 1944
Private W Lupaschuk  
Private GA Kupsch  
Private HA Mork  

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