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 "A Company" Calgary Highlanders - Establishment as at 30 June 1944

The following is the establishment of "A" Company, a week before the battalion moved to France.

Officers 5
Non-Commissioned Officers 26
Men 79
Total 110
Vacant one NCO position and one Private position
Company Headquarters

Officer Commanding

Major John Campbell

Company Second in Command
(Coy 2 i/c)
Captain Ross L. Ellis

Company Sergeant Major

WO II N.S. Lawson

Company Quartermaster Sergeant

Staff Sergeant J. Downie


Pte AM Cathro


Pte F Robson
Piper Pte CA Bailey
Sniper Pte JH Third
Orderly Pte J Harasymiw
Orderly Pte M Sherbaniuk
Orderly Pte A Williams
Driver Mechanic
J Farley
Driver Internal Combustion Pte A. Tink
Driver Mec T. Pte JE Chambers
Driver Btn Pte HM Mathews
Driver Pte FA Victor

Number Seven Platoon

Platoon Commander

F Boruck

Platoon Sergeant

RD Hudson

Mortar NCO
Lance Corporal
IM Heath
Mortar No. 1 Pte WD Beggs
Mortar No. 2 Pte KI Voth
Batman Pte W Morris
Orderly Pte M Grypuik

Number 1 Section

Section Commander

W Wyatt

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
CE Anderson
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte EJ Weinheimer
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte AT Soloway
Rifleman Pte EL Wyatt
Rifleman Pte PR Baerwald
Rifleman Pte B Amundson
Rifleman Pte FAR Thompson
Rifleman Pte RV Guerard
Rifleman Pte JP Rosenberger

Number 2 Section

Section Commander

NR Sadler

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
WJ Anderson
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte H Kiltau
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte N Chalack
Rifleman Pte SG Nichols
Rifleman Pte GA Elleaas
Rifleman Pte WJA Vigue
Rifleman Pte A Huitt
Rifleman Pte LC Cripps
Rifleman Pte L Shave

Number 3 Section

Section Commander
Lance Corporal
WG Sutherland
blank.gif (1624 bytes)
Section 2 i/c


Bren Gun No. 1 Pte HG Ezeard
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte GB Cowan
Rifleman Pte DL Munday
Rifleman Pte F Arnston
Rifleman Pte B Odenbach
Rifleman Pte WW McDonald
Rifleman Pte RF Rappel
Rifleman Pte JA Watson
Number Eight Platoon

Platoon Commander

MB Wood

Platoon Sergeant
IK McMechan

Mortar NCO
Lance Corporal
A Peressini
Mortar No. 1 Pte JC Anderson
Mortar No. 2 Pte AD Penston
Batman Pte EH Cogan
Orderly Pte FE Costello

Number 4 Section

Section Commander

JA McMurray

Section 2 i/c

Lance Corporal
WL Christianson

Bren Gun No. 1 Pte S Kolomi
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte CG Patriquin
Rifleman Pte IE Price
Rifleman Pte A Kanik
Rifleman Pte JW Clisby
Rifleman Pte AH Annett
Rifleman Pte RL Kellie
Rifleman Pte FW Chastney

Number 5 Section

Section Commander
M Melnechuk

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
E Flint
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte LJ Poitras
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte P Maniago
Rifleman Pte W Judd
Rifleman Pte BT Evans
Rifleman Pte FO Rourke
Rifleman Pte MG Moon
Rifleman Pte OE Olson
Rifleman Pte E Whitlam

Number 6 Section

Section Commander
RL Parkins

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
FJ Culver
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte VN Van-Tine
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte VJ Brailsford
Rifleman Pte WR Cottam
Rifleman Pte JC Lewandowski
Rifleman Pte W Kale
Rifleman Pte A Frechette
Rifleman Pte WA Fyfe
Rifleman Pte AR Byttymen
Number Nine Platoon

Platoon Commander

RL Morgan-Dean

Platoon Sergeant
FL Bounds

Mortar NCO

Lance Corporal
LJ Gosling

Mortar No. 1 Pte JR Ireland
Mortar No. 2 Pte BL Whitehead
Batman Vacant
Orderly Pte A Patterson

Number 7 Section

Section Commander
TC Elliott

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
CA Barstow
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte W Morrison
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte MW Watts
Rifleman Pte D Clark
Rifleman Pte HH Dressler
Rifleman Pte HH Walker
Rifleman Pte AR Suprenant
Rifleman Pte HR Kerr
Rifleman Pte JL Tomi

Number 8 Section

Section Commander
RM Cunningham

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
TF Oakes
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte WMB Cook
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte WJ Hodge
Rifleman Pte PM Demerse
Rifleman Pte CE Cooper
Rifleman Pte EC Langley
Rifleman Pte LF Buker
Rifleman Pte CJ Read
Rifleman Pte A Donaldson

Number 9 Section

Section Commander
JJ Fife

Section 2 i/c
Lance Corporal
EA Voth
Bren Gun No. 1 Pte CL Sheeler
Bren Gun No. 2 Pte JG McDonald
Rifleman Pte JW Fischer
Rifleman Pte N McTaggart
Rifleman Pte EJ Kellington
Rifleman Pte W Lupaschuk
Rifleman Pte GA Kupsch
Rifleman Pte HA Mork


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