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Sergeant Joseph Schiller's Nominal Roll
18 Platoon, "D" Company
17 Aug 1944

The following nominal roll was kept by Sergeant Joseph Schiller; the scan, photos and information are courtesy of his son, Mark Schiller, with kind permission of his brothers also.  Thanks also to CPO2 (ret) Jim Schiller for additional information.

Lance Corporal Joseph Schiller was assigned to the Calgary Highlanders on 6 April 1944, reverting to the rank of private by his own request.  On 26 July, after the unit arrived in France, he was again appointed Lance Corporal, and made Acting Corporal on 4 August 1944.  The nominal roll below shows him as Platoon Sergeant of 18 Platoon on 17 August 1944, while the official casualty record lists him as Lance Corporal when he was wounded shortly after, on 29 August 1944. 

He was hospitalized in the UK at No. 23 Canadian General Hospital, Leavesden, near Watford, and later returned to service with the Regina Rifle Regiment as part of the Canadian Army Occupation Force (CAOF).  He met and married a lady from Rotterdam and returned to Canada, with whom he had three sons.  After a brief time out of the service, he re-enlisted and served at Camp Shilo with the Canadian Provost Corps beginning in 1954.  He was posted as an instructor to the School of Artilllery, teaching basic training to artillery recruits.  He also played drums in the Provost Corps Band

Corporal Schiller, photographed in Edinburgh, Scotland, after his hospitalization.

In 1962 he was posted to CDLS in London, England, as a member of the Provost security staff, then returned to Canada three years later for posting to "I Staff" at Jericho Beach in Vancouver as Orderly Sergeant. He eventually retired on 22 February 1971 as a Base Provost Corps Sergeant.   He had also been active with the Provost Corps reserve unit at Jericho Beach and spent summers at Vernon Army Cadet Camp.

The normal strength of a platoon was 36 men; 18 Platoon as listed below had just 22.

Sergeant Schiller, in the uniform of the Regina Rifle Regiment, photographed in Utrecht in 1945

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