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100th Anniversary of the Battle of the St. Julien
April 2015


Background:   In 2010, The Calgary Highlanders commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the regiment with several historic events, including the dedication of the Calgary Soldiers' Memorial, the last ever parade held at the former Currie Barracks in Calgary, and a two-week battlefield tour in France, Flanders, and the Netherlands. In 2015, the 100th Anniversary of one of the regiment's most significant battle honours will occur, and international commemorations will be underway marking the centennial of the First World War. The Oak Leaf shoulder badge worn by The Calgary Highlanders is a tribute to the actions of the predecessor unit, the 10th Battalion, CEF, at Kitcheners' Wood in the earliest stages of the fighting near St. Julien on 21-22 April 1915.

Overview:   To commemorate not only the events surrounding the battles of 1915, plans are in place to return to Europe with a sizeable regimental contingent as was done in 2010 and visit a number of battlefield sites of significance to The Calgary Highlanders. In 2010, plaque dedications were done at Clair Tizon and Hill 67, leaving permanent memorials to the actions of the regiment. Similar commemorations are in the planning stages for 2015, with permanent memorials planned for sites that currently bear no physical reminders that Calgary Highlanders won hard-earned battle honours there.

Currently, it is hoped to spend 16 days in Europe, tracing the path of the 10th Battalion, CEF and The Calgary Highlanders from southern England to France, Belgium and the Netherland. Details are still in the planning stages, but preliminary details on destinations and funding are available in the information brochure which is linked at the bottom of the page.

Contact:  If you have questions about the 2015 St. Julien Centennial, please contact Captain Peter Boyle at:

Detailed Information

For more detailed information, download the Brochure HERE


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