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Current Senior Regimental Appointments of The Calgary Highlanders

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been Canada's monarch since she ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom in 1952, being crowned on 2 June.  In 1981, Her Majesty consented to become Colonel-in-Chief of The Calgary Highlanders.  She receives regular reports from the Regiment on its activities, and last visited Calgary in June 1990. 

The Regiment received a new Queen's Colour from Her Majesty while parading before her with the King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC).  The Calgary Highlanders were one of the last Canadian infantry regiments to replace the Union Jack with the new flag of Canada.   Her Majesty continues to take a keen interest in all of her Canadian Regiments.

From the Canadian Heritage Site:

"When the regiments of the British and Canadian Armies were first formed, many had a royal patron who agreed to become the ceremonial commander of the unit or its “Colonel-in-Chief.” Perhaps foremost among the reasons for such patronage was the desire to reinforce, within the ranks of the regiment, a loyalty to the Crown through this personal relationship with a member of the Royal Family. The Colonel-in-Chief remains in close contact with his/her regiment and takes a very personal ongoing interest in its well being and that of its members. One of the most colourful and significant moments in the life of a regiment is when its Colonel-in-Chief presents new colours: a flag bearing the insignia of the Colonel-in-Chief, the regiment and, oftentimes, its battle honours). Old colours are retired and given a place of honour as the new colours are first presented and marched past the members of the regiment."

Honorary Colonel

Colonel Michael Shaw

Colonel Michael Shaw was born in Montreal, Quebec and educated at Queen's University, graduating with Honours with a degree in Commerce in 1977. He was a managing director of Global Enterprises, ATCO Group from 1979 to 2009. Semi-retired, he sits on the board of several companies and institutions, including Aviva Insurance, Great Western Brewery, Cash Store Financial, ITC Construction Group, Chariot Carriers Ltd, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Calgary Petroleum Club and the Grief Support Committee of Calgary Health Services. A former Army Cadet at Lower Canada College and Upper Canada College he currently resides in Calgary with wife Linda June Sinclair, and his daughters Amanda and Kathryn.

Michael Shaw previously served as the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The Calgary Highlanders.

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Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel

Currently Vacant



Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Kyle W. Clapperton, CD

Lieutenant-Colonel Kyle Clapperton was born in Calgary, Alberta on 21 September 1975 and raised in Airdrie, Alberta. He graduated from Bert Church High School with an Alberta Advanced High School Diploma with Excellence, and also excelled athletically, competing on the school cross-country, track and field, and basketball teams. After high school, he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Heath Physiology and then a Masters of Kinesiology degree in Exercise and Functional Fitness, both from the University of Calgary. Lieutenant-Colonel Clapperton has a personal interest in occupational fitness testing and as partial fulfillment of his Masters degree, competed a study titled “Training for long distance load carriage in reserve infantrymen.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Clapperton's military experiences began in 1988 when he joined the local army cadet corps in Airdrie. Highlights of his six years with 3016 RCAC Corps (Calgary Highlanders) include the Leadership and Challenge course at the Banff National Army Cadet Camp in 1992 and the Basic Parachutist course in 1993. He joined the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve force in 1994 as a Rifleman with The Calgary Highlanders. In April 1995 he was accepted into the Reserve Entry Scheme Officers program. In his early years as an officer, LCol Clapperton was employed as a Platoon Commander, the unit Senior Subaltern, and placed in charge of the junior officer development cell helping to prepare junior officers for their phase training. In May 2000 he participated in the Basic NATO Course for Young Officers in Brussels after which he was tasked as the "A" Company Second-in-Command and also successfully completed the Intermediate Tactics Course. In 2001 a tasking as Unit Training Officer followed and in July 2002 he participated in the International Junior Officer Leadership Development Seminar (IJOLDS) in Ronneby, Sweden. Several courses followed, including the Reserve Dismounted Company Commanders Course in August 2002, on which he placed second on the course. During the 2002-2003 training year, he successfully completed the Militia Command and Staff Course in Kingston.

Following Staff College, a variety of roles in the unit followed including Unit Operations Officer, Officer Commanding HQ Company, Officer Commanding "A" Company and Deputy Commanding Officer. From February to August 2007, Major Clapperton was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan as a trainer and mentor to the Afghan National Army at the Kabul Military Training Centre. He returned to Kabul in April 2010 to work at the Afghan Command and Staff College. Domestically, he served as the Deputy Commanding Officer of Task Force Silvertip, the 41 Canadian Brigade Group contribution to Operation LENTUS for the flood response in Calgary in June 2013. In September 2013, Lieutenant-Colonel Clapperton was promoted to his current rank and assumed command of The Calgary Highlanders. He completed DL1 of the Joint Command and Staff Program at the Canadian Forces College in July 2014.

LCol Clapperton lives in Calgary with his wife Devan and is employed with the Calgary Police Service as the Manager of the Health, Safety and Wellness Section. In his spare time, he can be found in the mountains competing in trail runs and adventure races during the summer and telemark skiing in the winter.

Deputy Commanding Officer

Major Simon J. Cox, CD

Major Simon Cox was born in North York, Ontario in October 1978. Born into a military family, he grew up on several army bases across the country, including CFB Winnipeg, CFB Petawawa, CFB Calgary and Ottawa. Major Cox graduated high school in Orleans, Ontario, where he excelled athletically, competing on the football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, track and field, and rugby teams. After high school, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Business Administration graduate degree specializing in Finance from the Haskayne School of Business.

Major Cox joined the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve in 1998 as an Officer Cadet with The Calgary Highlanders. In his early years as an officer, he was employed as a Platoon Commander and the unit recruiting officer, progressing from the unit Junior Subaltern to Senior Subaltern and was placed in charge of the junior officer development cell helping to prepare junior officers for their phase training. In October 2002, he deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina as a Platoon Commander with the 1 PPCLI Battle Group. After returning from a tour in Bosnia, Major Cox was posted to the Canadian Parachute Centre in Trenton, Ontario where he served as the Administration Officer for the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, The SkyHawks. Major Cox returned to The Calgary Highlanders in 2005 and was employed as second in command of Headquarters Company, followed by appointment as Battalion Operations Officer. From 2006 to 2008, Major Cox worked as a staff officer at 41 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters in Calgary as G3 Ops 2. In 2007, Major Cox transferred to 3 PPCLI for work-up training, where he successfully completed the Dismounted Company Commanders Course. In 2008, Major Cox deployed to Afghanistan as a Company Commander Mentor in the Operational Mentor and Liaison team, partnered with an infantry company of the Afghan National Army, where he earned a Mention in Dispatches for his actions in combat against insurgent forces. Upon his return from Afghanistan, Major Cox completed the Army Operations Course in 2008-‘09 and was promoted to Major in October 2009. Major Cox then served as the Battalion Operations Officer for one year and then was appointed as Officer Commanding "A" Company from 2010-2011. In 2012, Major Cox moved to Houston with his civilian employment and is currently on exchange with the Texas Army National Guard, where he serves as the Chief of Operations, 72 Infantry Brigade Combat Team Headquarters. He was recognized for his service with the National Guard by admission to the Honorable Order of St. Maurice.

Major Cox currently lives in Houston with his wife Telma and daughter Catherine. In his spare time, he is an avid hockey player and runner, who regularly competes in long distance races.

Officer Commanding "HQ" Company

Captain R.M. (Mike) ter Kuile, CD

Captain ter Kuile joined the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular Force, as a pilot, in January 1982. In January 1984 he re-classified to the Combat Arms and completed Infantry Officer training in August 1985 and was posted to the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Calgary. Captain ter Kuile served in 1 PPCLI until completion of his short service engagement in March 1989 when he transferred to The Calgary Highlanders as a primary reservist. He served with the Highlanders until transferring to the Supplementary Reserve List in March 2000. In May 2006 he transferred back to the Primary Reserve with the Calgary Highlanders.


While with the Regular Force, Captain ter Kuile was employed in all of the requisite positions for his rank and trade including being a Platoon Commander, Rifle Company Second in Command, Rifle Company Commander, junior staff officer and Second in Command of the Combat Support Company of an infantry battalion. Upon transfer to the Reserve Force he has served as the Rifle Company Second in Command, Rifle Company Commander, Headquarters Company Commander, Regimental Adjutant and currently as Deputy Commanding Officer. Secondary duties have included being a course officer for numerous weapons and trades related courses, investigating officer for Summary Investigations, being an Assisting Officer for soldiers charged under the National Defence Act, President of the Mess Committee, Ethics Officer, Safety Officer and Liaison Officer.

Captain ter Kuile has taken various trade related courses including: High Altitude, Land and Sea Survival Training, Basic Pilot Course, Infantry Officer Phase 2, 3 and 4, Basic Parachutist Course,  Small Arms Instructor Course, Basic Winter Warfare Training, Army Junior Staff Officer Qualification Course, Combat Team Commanders Course, Dismounted Company Commander Course, Army tactical Operations Course, Civil Military Cooperation Operator Course, Information Operations Staff Officer Course, NATO Staff Officer Course, Safety Officer Investigation Course, Army Ethics Course, and the Presiding Officer Course.

During his military career, Captain ter Kuile deployed on Operation Harmony, Roto 4, in 1994 as part of the 1 PPCLI Battle Group as the primary police liaison officer for CANBAT 1 in Croatia, in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. He also served on Task Force 3-09 from January 2009 to June 2010, deploying with the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team from October 2009 to May 2010 where he commanded a support platoon in direct support of US Army Task Force 1-12 from Fort Carson, Colorado. In addition he has deployed on domestic operations in support of flood relief efforts in Manitoba in 2012 and Alberta in 2013.

In civilian life, Captain ter Kuile has served with the Calgary Police Service since 1988. In 1997 he was promoted from street patrol officer, having worked in Districts 1, 2 and 4, to the rank of Sergeant and command of a team of constables in District 2. In 1999 he was appointed to head the Air Services Unit, responsible for the HAWC 1 helicopter and thirteen personnel. He also served as Tactical Flight Officer. Additional duties have included membership in the Ceremonial Unit representing the CPS in the United States and Europe, appointment as 1st Canadian Regional Director for the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, and Chief Drill Instructor for the Calgary Police Service. As Chief Drill Instructor, he planned and conducted recruit graduation parades for fifty recruit classes between May 1991 and August 2006. He has also served as a Control Tactics Instructor. Posting to the Robbery Unit, Major Crimes Section as a Detective followed upon return from Afghanistan, and in May of 2013 a transfer to the Traffic Section as Team Sergeant, where he leads a group of officers responsible for investigating serious injury/fatal collisions as well as the enforcement of traffic regulations in the City of Calgary.


Officer Commanding "A" Company

Major Ryan Palmer

Major Palmer was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1981. In January 2001, after four years as an Army Cadet, he joined the Calgary Highlanders as a Reserve Entry Scheme Officer Candidate.

Upon completion of his Dismounted Infantry Platoon Commander’s Course in the summer of 2003, Major Palmer was assigned to A Company of the Calgary Highlanders where he served as a Rifle Platoon Commander and as an instructor at the Western Area Training Centre.

In May 2005, Major Palmer was selected for employment in Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) on Op ARCHER Roto 1. Over the pre-deployment period, Major Palmer completed the U.S. Army PSYOPS Officer Qualification Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Centre and School in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, graduating as the Distinguished Allied Honour Graduate. Major Palmer deployed to Afghanistan on Op ARCHER from February to August 2006 with the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group as the PSYOPS Officer in the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team.

In April 2007, Major Palmer commenced training for deployment on Task Force 1-08. Over the pre-deployment training period, he completed the Army Tactical Operations Course (ATOC) and the Information Operations Officer Course. From February to September 2008, Major Palmer deployed to Afghanistan on Op ATHENA with the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group, as the S7 (Information Operations).

From November 2008 to May 2011, Major Palmer was employed as Production Officer and Military Career Counselor at Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Calgary. Over this period, he continued to support the Calgary Highlanders, initially as Second-in-Command A Company, and subsequently as the Operations Officer. In July 2009, he completed the Infantry Dismounted Company Commander’s Course, and in July 2010, he completed the Army Operations Course. In May 2011, Major Palmer deployed on Ex WESTERN DEFENDER as Officer Commanding C Company, Task Force WARRIOR.

In civilian life Major Palmer is employed as a Project Manager at a Blatant Media, a company that deploys e-learning solutions. He is a fan of reading, hiking and cross country skiing.

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Regimental Sergeant Major

Chief Warrant Officer Chris Tucker, CD

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Drum Major
Sergeant Moore, CD



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Pipe Major
To be confirmed


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