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Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Calgary

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Calgary was commissioned on 12 May 1995, becoming the sixth of the Halifax-class Canadian Patrol Frigates to enter service with the Canadian Navy.  Representatives of The Calgary Highlanders were on hand for the official launching ceremony, and a copy of the Regimental history was presented to the ship's library.

Contacts between the Regiment and the ship have been unfortunately limited.  Most recently, in December 2003, the Regimental Pipes and Drums traveled to the west coast to play aboard the ship as it returned to home port from a long deployment.

oncalgary.jpg (69629 bytes)
Above, the Pipes and Drums on the deck of the Calgary in 2003.

From the official ship's website:

HMCS Calgary is the third Canadian Patrol Frigate built at Marine Industries Limited, Lauzon P.Q., and the second Canadian warship named after the City of Calgary.

A multi-purpose platform, the
Calgary carries extensive anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) weapons and sensors to compliment its substantial anti-air warfare (AAW) defenses. The combination of its varied and proven weapon and sensors system coupled with a state of the art damage control and machinery control systems makes Calgary one of the most advanced warship designs in the world.

The peace time role of HMCS
Calgary will include a variety of important missions including search and rescue, training deployments, sovereignty patrols and combined operations with our allies.

hmcscalgary1.jpg (163070 bytes)


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